RPS Single Turbo Kits - Discontinued

RPS Single Turbo Kits - Discontinued

Blast from the Past - Written in 1999!!! That is the engine bay from my 1000HP Stock Block Supra from 2001!!

No Longer Available


(back in the day)......This is the ultimate streetable single turbo kit on the market. The RPS header has proven usage for over 60,000 miles without cracking and the turbos and wastegates are industry standards for performance and reliability. We have available the following RPS Single Kits: 1) TO4S04 with .58, .70, .81 housings. The TO4SO4 kit is the quickest spooling Turbonetics turbo available. RWHP ranges for these housing are 445+, 475+ and 510+ respectively. Housings can be readily changed now on these turbo's, so you can upgrade easily! You can use the .58 for daily driving and then swap in the .70 or .81 housing for racing (drag or road). 2) T66 with various trims is good for up to 675rwhp 3) T72 is good for 700+rwhp (depending upon cams, head, etc.).

The great news is each and every kit above has the identical pricing!!

Either the TO4SO4 or T60 kit with the .58 would be an excellent single turbo set-up for those on stock injectors and a stock fuel pump or those with an automatic car. The TO4SO4 .58 spools very close to the stock twins (but it does have some lag folks, because it is a big single turbo and not two tiny twins). Remember people, with this kit you will have 460rwhp all the time. For example. My car dyno'd 423.5 rwhp on stock twins with all the bpu++ goodies, iced down, with some race fuel in the tank, and corrected for altitude and temperature. In warmer days 90+ and on 92 octane while driving on the street (not cooled) my car would probably be closer to 380rwhp and drop as the temperature rises. With the TO4SO4 turbo and the .58 housing, your car would be closer to 460rwhp all the time on regular fuel and daily driving! Why? Because the turbo and manifold are much more efficient in their operation than the stock twins are, so don't be deceived by only having 440rwhp. Believe me a 440rwhp Supra beats Porsche 911TT's, Ferrari 550's, 355's, Viper GTS', and a host of other exotic cars. Incredible package, incredible price, fantastic USA based service and support.

It has been determined now with a little tuning and monitoring your exhaust gas temperature that you can run the T60 turbo (good for 500rwhp) on the factory fuel system. Trying to save a few bucks, but want to have incredible power delivery? This is your choice. Order yours now!!

Because the RPS header is designed for the Turbonetics style turbos, a few turbos from other manufacturers will fit without modification. If you prefer to use another manufacturers turbo but still want a complete "kit", deduct $1000.00 for a RPS kit without a turbo.

Components in Kit: Header (equal length stainless steel header) Turbonetics Turbo (add $450.00 for ceramic ball-bearing) Innovative ProGate Wastegate Oil lines (in and out) / Water lines (in and out) Air Intake System

HKS By-Pass Valve Full downpipe Jet Hot Coated on Header All necessary hardware

Inset Photo: TO4SO4 Compressor Map fr. Turbonetics

These kits work best with a HKS VPC to fine tune idle, etc.

Due to a difference in the exhaust ports on the NA Supra, ANY single kit for the Supra TT will NOT fit on the NA Supra. Email for details on NA kits.