SupraStore XAT 1UZ 2UZ 3UZ V8 Supercharger Fish Bracket
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SupraStore XAT 1UZ 2UZ 3UZ V8 Supercharger Fish Bracket
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Long ago, a bracket design was made to equip various centrifugal superchargers to our favorite V8 engines. Availability faltered, and they weren't particularly easy to get.

Until NOW!

SupraStore and XAT have teamed up to offer this solution to make adding forced induction to your 1UZ, 2UZ, or 3UZ a fairly straightforward project. This is no hand traced replica of the original! Measurements were taken directly off of a bare block in a high precision CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), then cut on a waterjet (not a laser or plasma), so that the plate remains flat and not warped. No additional heat gets inducted into the part by laser or plasma beam.

This bracket was originally designed to mount the Vortech V1, V2, and V3 super chargers, but can easily be modified to fit other centrifugal blowers such as the ProCharger P1SC and D1SC. Please note that this is a bracket to mount the supercharger, and we do not have a finished and complete kit that will make everything bolt on. You will still need a considerable amount of custom fabrication to supercharge your UZ.