EDK01-12120Tein EDFC Electronic Force Dampening Controller

EDK01-12120Tein EDFC  Electronic Force Dampening Controller
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EDK01-12120Tein EDFC Electronic Force Dampening Controller
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Great new product one best of show at the Tokyo Auto Salon in Osaka. This electronic control unit has mechanical drives which fit onto the top of your TEIN adjustment knob and are electronically adjusted to control dampening via an electronic control module you mount in your drivers compartment area.

Incredible product allows for on-the-fly adjustments of the dampening of your TEIN coil overs. Works on ALL TEIN coil over assemblies.

EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force by controlling a motor installed in the shock absorber while being seated in the driver's seat. Since the damping force can be manually controlled with ease to meet different situations, the driver can enjoy variations in the suspension setting.

EDFC is developed based on the following concepts:

1. Easily controlled from the inside To control the damping force, the driver does not need to raise the hood or take off rear interior parts such as the speaker board or rear seat. All a driver is required to do is simply operate a button while being seated in the driver's seat. According to the marketing research we have carried out, EDFC is always ranked high on the 'want list'. Therefore, it has grown from overwhelming customer demand, specifically from requests by customers who have purchased damping-force-control-type shock absorbers, or who intend to purchase shock absorbers made by TEIN Inc.

2. Memory contents easily recalled EDFC can store in its memory up to three types of damping force levels which have been set up according to various situations, and is equipped with a memory recall function. With the touch of a button, the driver can set the damping force level to his/her preference in various modes such as a normal driving mode when going out with family, a sports mode when enjoying a winding road alone, and a cruising mode when driving on a freeway. Moreover, pushing the button for more than two seconds can easily change the stored memory.

3. Compact in size We made it compact in size, equivalent to 1/4 DIN, so that it can be installed in a position where the driver can easily operate in the driver's seat.

4. Installed in a wide range of vehicles In the future, we will develop shock absorbers which will be equipped with the EDFC. There are some vehicle types, however, for which the EDFC cannot be installed due to problems such as narrow clearance. As for shock absorbers already purchased by customers previously, we will confirm the installation.>

5. Reasonable Price

Function of EDFC

1. Damping force control function (16 levels / 32 levels) Our damping-force-control-type shock absorbers normally have a built in damping force control function for 16 levels. This function controls the damping force by adjusting the rate of oil flow in the bypass through raising and lowering the damping force control needle built in piston rod for 16 levels. In the EDFC, this function is performed by a stepping motor installed on the top of piston rod, realizing a 16-level control, the same as in the manual control. Moreover, the operation by the controller with a decreased rotation angle has realized a finer adjustment of a 32-level mode in the same control range. The damping force for the front and rear wheels can be separately controlled, and the right and left wheels are simultaneously controlled.

2. Damping force level maintaining function An EDFC switch is connected with the key position of the vehicle, the same as in general car audio components. If the EDFC power switch is continuously turned on, the EDFC can store in memory the click position setting when the driver gets out of the car and the key switch is turned off. Thus, when the engine is restarted, he/she can drive using the same setting. All memory contents are deleted when the EDFC power switch is turned off. The electric current to maintain memory is as slight as the current necessary for a standard equipment clock, and there is little possibility of a dead battery.

3. Damping force level memory function It is equipped with a function to store in memory three settings of the damping force. The level setting in memory can be maintained even if the engine is turned off. The memory contents can be recalled with the touch of a button. Moreover, the stored memory contents can be easily changed by pushing the button for more than two seconds.

4. Damping force level resetting function After the EDFC is installed, the driver will put it into a return-to-origin mode by rotating the motor in the clockwise direction when the power is turned on. With this operation, the controller can recognize the origin of the damping force control needle. The EDFC is equipped with a function to execute the return-to-origin mode compulsorily in the following occasions: in the case of installation or detachment of the EDFC, or when the control level is changed from 16-level to 32-level, or when the level displayed is different from the actual one due to external and mechanical reasons. This operation is not necessary in the normal driving, however. Turning on the main power again after turning it off can reset the damping force level. At this time, the memory contents are also reset.

5. Self-checking/warning function In the case where the EDFC does not function correctly (due to an overcurrent or detached wires, etc.), all three memory buttons will blink red with an alarm sound and an error indication displayed, and the driver can confirm the position of the malfunctioning motor on the screen.

6. Volume/brightness control function The beep sound volume while operating the EDFC can be set at three levels and can also be put into a silent mode. It is also possible to adjust the brightness of the display at three levels. This adjustment is connected with the power source for lamps, and it functions when the dimmer function is in operation at night.

7. Mis-operation preventive function The EDFC is equipped with a lock mode, which prevents mis-operation. The 'key' mark is displayed and all operations become impossible including turning the power on and off. It is useful when the driver allows another driver to drive an EDFC-equipped vehicle.