NO LONGER AVAILABLE Titan TMS S2 Toyota Supra Built Automatic Transmission Stage 2

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Titan TMS S2 Toyota Supra Built Automatic Transmission Stage 2
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE Titan TMS S2 Toyota Supra Built Automatic Transmission Stage 2
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Titan TMS S2 Toyota Supra Built Automatic Transmission Stage 2

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Titan TMS S2 Toyota Supra Built Automatic Transmission Stage 2
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These transmissions are sadly discontinued

How Does the Trans Hold Up to 9 Second Passes? Let's allow You Tube help make our decision.

There are about five builders (reputable, sorta) of the 1993-1998 Supra Twin Turbo automatic transmissions around the USA. Some are okay for 600hp, some a bit more, but as far as drivability and reliability, this is the best we have seen yet.

The transmissions shift firm, but they don't have that CLUNK that many performance gearboxes do. Details below.

Stage 2 (S2) Street/Strip Transmission Update

Rated at 750-800 rear wheel horsepower. This transmission has been tested thoroughly on a daily driven car that also does a substantial amount of track racing. Proven to 9.44 second 1/4 mile times @ 151.50 mph.

Tested beyond beyond its rated 800rwhp capability, so you can be assured of reliability when you receive your transmission.

What is included in this transmission?

Included in the build is a full upgrade of your transmission, including a Billet Aluminum Forward Piston made out of 6061 AL. In the upgrade Titan will go through the complete transmission and do an extensive upgrade including a modification of the valve body all yielding a more reliable transmission that can handle the power.

All major o-rings, gaskets, seals are changed, some proprietary gaskets had to be obtained as they are not available from Toyota.

Titan's transmissions shift firm and smooth. This is different then others, TMS have worked hard to prevent the "thump" that other transmissions have. The thump is not a sign of power or a race transmission, but rather mismanged internals.

Fast shifting is the goal. TMS have built in a SMOOTH AND FIRM shift into the transmissions, and that dreaded thump that feel's like someone hit you from behind when going into reverse, well Titan's transmission doesn't do that.

What makes a Titan transmission different?

1. Talk to any accomplished auto transmission builder, they will tell you that cleaning the transmission inside and out will eliminate problems, after all when a transmission is used or damaged all the hydraulic passages can have debris in them which can damage the transmission or torque converter. So a thorough cleaning ensures less problems.

2. Titan does an upgrade like the others, but also does a rebuild on your transmission. The parts are additional on the rebuild, but at least when its apart we will call you and tell you that you have some worn out parts that need to be replaced and do it for you. This prevents possible future failures after your rebuild.

3. Packaging, who wants to buy a transmission and torque converter and have it possibly damaged in shipping. We have custom made a box simply to ship these 2 items to you after being upgraded. This prevents possible damage to your tranmission in transit. We can ship these tranmissions anywhere in the world, worry free.

4. Titan recognizes that many people break their transmission and need a replacement fast. Titan is striving to have 1 week or less turn around time on transmissions and once current orders are filled plans to stock these transmissions on a core exchange basis so that shipments can leave same day or next day after being ordered.

This S2 transmission is equivalent to the other companies out there in price, and our belief is it exceeds their robustness and daily driving characteristics. I mean, most people do daily drive their Supra's.

These transmissions are designed to work with the OEM style torque converter, so if you have a fast BPU car or just want a rebuild to handle power, then this can be used on the stock converter in those cases. It is our recommendation that you go with the TMS torque converter of your choice. Here are our approximate converter recommendations (varies from owner).

Stock to BPU Supra: 3200rpm stall speed. Offers great daily driving (nearly stock feel), plus a firm launch on the street.

BPU+++ - Small Single (600hp). If you want to race a bit harder, find yourself running drag radials at the track, and want to get that car hitting harder, plus drive great on the street then we recommend the 3500 stall converter. Listen, stall speed is subjective, because some dont mind 3800rpm on the street, others dont like the slight slip in the beginning, hence 3500. If you have alot more power then 600hp, then this converter speed of 3500rpm is fine, as it isn't a power handling issue. You just won't launch as hard on a big single or twin at 3500rpm, but you might like the street drivability a bit better, as opposed to the 3800rpm stall.

650HP+ - Hard 1/4 Milers: If you run a bigger single or twin, run slicks and need to build some boost to spool and launch hard, then go with the 3800rpm stall converter. I don't mind this on the street at all.

These all require a good core transmission, so if you want to purchase outright, because you will NOT be sending in a core, then please do so in the drop down menu. If you will be sending a core, we will still charge you the $800 core charge, but we will also know a good is coming. Once received, we will refund your core charge.

Email for details on shipping, as this work will be performed by TMS direct. Why buy TMS products from Easy! We have known Nero and his little sibling Bottle since they were selling used HKS air filters from their mom's garage in Orlando. Is that good enough reason? If not, then you will love our customer service manager Andy (full-time always here guy), who knows Supra's and more importantly, he will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, as a much prized customer. Finally, if that still isn't good enough, then well, we sell TMS for a little less than most anybody!! Long-winded I know...

All transimssions are shipped truck freight, so please disregard the shipping added in the online calculator. Myself or our store manager will update you with actual pricing. In the Continental USA expect around $250 or so.

International sea freight (UK, Australia) expect around $750 to a major port. Air freight, please email or call for a quote. We can utilize your freight forwarding company as required.