TMS Billet Engine mounts Supra 1993-2002

TMS Billet Engine mounts Supra 1993-2002
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TMS Billet Engine mounts Supra 1993-2002
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If you have ever seen a high horsepower Supra (or any car for that matter) on the dyno with OEM engine mounts, you will notice how much the engine will move due to the compliance of the stock soft comfy engine mounts.

TRD makes an upgrade for the Supra--and they work very well-- but even with higher HP cars, you still want more rigidity. If you are racing the car, you will want to minimize the movement of the engine and transmission as much as possible. The TMS solid Engine Mount Kit is the ultimate solution to the drive line slop so many try to cure. Made from a solid billet piece, these are a zero fail part. Due to the incredible balance of the L6 engine, in car vibration is not that bad, as we all know how well a JZ engine purrs.