Toyota RS200 Altezza 3S-GE BEAMS Engine + 6 Speed

Toyota RS200 Altezza 3S-GE BEAMS Engine + 6 Speed
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Toyota RS200 Altezza 3S-GE BEAMS Engine + 6 Speed
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Please keep in mind that we won't accept returns on engines. Only warranty claims are addressed. The engines are guaranteed to be good! You are buying a used engine. You are purchasing an engine that is over a decade old. Do not expect a brand new factory sealed perfect engine. These engines arent always 100% beautifully clean, but they are guaranteed to be good usable engines that are ready for a swap.

Please also keep in mind there might be a delay in getting one of these shipped, often weeks

Though we in the USA never got this beautiful engine, overseas the "black top BEAMS 3S-GE" has long been a drivetrain raved about by so many. These engines are just 2.0 liters, yet make over 200 HP from the factory, with the best power to displacement ratio on any Toyota N/A engine ever made!

How do they do it? This engine is the first with Dual VVTi, with variable timing on both the intake and exhaust cams. Both intake and exhaust valves are made from titanium with massive 35mm intake and 29.5mm exhaust faces. Compression ratio is a stratospheric 11.5:1

If you're looking for an amazing engine that's lighter than a 2JZ for a killer price to swap into something fun, look no further!