Toyota Supra Front Drag Race Brake System
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Toyota Supra Front Drag Race Brake System

Toyota Supra Front Drag Race Brake System
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More and more Supra owners have gone past the tipping point and have turned their street cars into drag cars, albeit drag cars that drive on the street.

Reducing rotating mass and clearing front drag wheels were next to impossible using the factory twin turbo front brakes, so this system we are offering is co-developed by Strange (yes, Strange, the bad boys in pro racing) and TMS for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra.

Technical details: TMS/Strange Engineering Front Brake Kits for the 1993-98 Supra offer an astounding weight savings over OEM brake system. The entire 4-piston brake kits, complete with bearings, hubs, rotors, pads, calipers, etc., weigh only 33.5 lbs. Each hub has one bolt circle. Instead of adding an additional bolt circle, Strange machined five large lightening holes to reduce rotating weight. The billet aluminum hub is further lightened by its scalloped design and fully machined billet aluminum hubcap.

NOTE: These are DRAG RACE brakes and not designed or intended for street driven vehicles.