2JZGTE Toyota Supra Single Turbo Budget Kit

2JZGTE Toyota Supra Single Turbo Budget Kit
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2JZGTE Toyota Supra Single Turbo Budget Kit
2JZGTE Toyota Supra Single Turbo Budget Kit

2JZGTE Toyota Supra Single Turbo Budget Kit
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The good news is our new budget kits for the 7MGTE, 1JZGTE, 2JZGE and 2JZGTE have been incredibly well received the world over. We shook the world with instantly available budget kits!!

* Need your kit installed? $1000 labor plus miscellaneous parts for the basic install - Electronics or optional items extra - Install Location Tampa, Florida *

* 445 Wheel Horsepower Pump Gas @ 17PSI *

* 555 Wheel Horsepower on 101 Unleaded @ 25psi *

As you are probably aware SupraStore.com was one of the world pioneers in Supra Single Turbo Conversions. Back in 1999 we started the phrase "Go Single", to signify the change from the factory stock twin turbos to a larger and more powerful single turbo conversion. Ever heard of Marko Djuric and his famous White Supra in the Chicago area? We put together his FIRST single turbo kit for him WAY back in the day, long before all the others came along and jumped on the single conversion band wagon. Been-there-done that.

What do I know about turbo kits and Supras? Just after the year 2000 I made 902rwhp at the Las Vegas Supra Meet on boost alone on a factory internally stock 2JZGTE, shattering any existing records at the time. This was also the highest powered AEM EMS stand alone Supra in the world at the time, so while less than 50 people still make that power today, it was been-there-done-that for me, lets move on and help others. Fast forward nearly TEN-whopping years and it is simply, bolt on a monster turbo, add alot of fuel, some engine parts and a stand alone and you can make big big power, because it is a recipe. When we did it, it wasn't a recipe it was pioneering.

I have had many customers over the years ask about us building a budget kit for those that either blew up their stock twin turbos and wanted to go single turbo, but just didn't have the resources to do it. We scratched our head for years and stuck with GReddy (nice product) and others as well as our very nice Boost Logic kits we carry and others because there just wasn't a viable solution.

Along comes June 1st of 2008 and GReddy USA announces an across the board 15% price increase on all Greddy products. You will notice that the actual retail price hasn't changed but the wholesale rate which all of us who move large amounts of GReddy product did. No longer can we get the product at 35%+ off retail, now this is 20% at the maximum levels. Do the math, it costs is 3% to just process a credit card, so that leaves us with 17% in which to work with. We could previously drop the price 15-18% and still make a decent living, now we can do 10% and only make 7% on a sale, which makes it hard on us. Why did I mention all of this? Simple, this pushed me over the edge to go ahead and talk to Mark at XS and let him know our dilemma and desire for a good budget based single turbo kit for both the 2JZGTE and 2JZGE engines.

So, here we go. US designs, Asian off-shore manufacturing and good old fashioned American pricing and we have a budget based kit that actually performs! This T61 turbo based kit can make 600hp (with proper fuel) and is about as complete as you can get. So complete it even includes the intercooler, which is a lower cost look of the GReddy 3 row. The kits fit pretty darn good, make good power and even have a basic warranty (not if you are stupid and blow up your motor) but for the product itself.

You simply cannot beat this if your budget only allows a couple thousand dollars!!! So, what do you get for your money and are there install instructions? Of course there are instructions and you better have some decent tools or a friend who does. Why buy from you instead of the other guy? Well, for one, we have all the support products to help you and with us, you get both the manufacturers tech support and our help in building your turbo car. Call it killing two-birds with one-stone when you buy from us. Is it difficult to install?

Hmmmm. Taking off the factory twins is a pain, but the rest is straight forward with some tweaks here and there. Works with the factory intercooler piping or upgrade to polished piping below as an accessory purchase. Is the kit actually decent, I mean come on, less than $2000 shipped?? Answer. Yes, it is more than decent, but don't expect a $6000 HKS or stunning BL kit for this price, but it will make good power, looks good and is robust. How much work does it take to install? As with any of the budget kits there are some slight fabrications required, so allocate a little extra time in that regard.

12x24x3" polished aluminum front mount intercooler (4" upgrade available)

2JZ-GTE fully braced polished stainless steel manifold

T61 Turbo

46mm wastegate - compare to Ti-Al

Polished stainless steel dump tube

Choice of blow off valves, compare to Turbo XS -OR- Blitz ** or upgrade to 50mm V-Band mount BOV - RED, BLUE or clear anodize $40 extra - compare to Ti-Al ** or upgrade to sequential style $30 extra - compare to HKS

4" polished stainless intake tube with nipples for IAC and blowby

3" V-band clamp kit

3" V-Band polished stainless steel down pipe with 02 bungs teflon and stainless braided oil supply line, high temp drain lines & flanges gaskets

Turbo oil return plate (to oil pan)

We have made available the MAP ECU, piggy back controller (see below), as an option. This unit replaces the mass air sensor on your Supra, allowing for more power and control of added air flow and injectors from 440cc to 720cc. It is the ultimate set-up for those changing over to single turbo, who still want to keep the factory computer.

If you read this far, you then know we will ship this kit international (most destinations). Use the drop down menu for international shipping. Price is for UK, Australia and a few other main cities. If your city requires additional shipping fee's we will contact you BEFORE we bill your credit card.