Two Color Door Panel Re-Upholstery - NEW

Here we go again at!! As you are well aware with so many Supra's floating around that are modified with wheels tires, and performance goodies, it becomes hard to set your car apart from the others! I know, because I had the same problem with my Black Supra!

I love to look at my Supra sitting in the garage, it simply looks bad-ass, lowered, Blitz wheels, AB Flug Hood, man I love to just gaze at it. One evening I was thinking what can I do to this car that will make it even more enjoyable, then it is now? After thinking for a bit, I thought, you know I spend more time inside the car, then I do looking at it from the outside, so let's concentrate on making the inside different and great looking.

That is why we came up with our colored shifter boots. It is a simple and cost effective accessory that helps set the car apart. The next level after the shifter boot is what we are building now for Supra's, and that is the TWO COLOR door panel re-upholstery. If you look at my zinc/grey door panels and shifter boot, you will be impressed. The quality of our master craftsmen is second to none. I love the stitching (no cheap civic or ricer look here), that separates the two colors, adding a professional European flair to the car.

You can choose any of our color combinations you want, from mild to wild and the price remains the same. If you want another color combination, we can make any two color combinations for the same price!!!

So how does this work? Simple. You select your color combination from our drop down menu of proven good looking color matches and contrasts (email for your own ideas, then you remove your factory door panels (5 minutes each), box them at Mail Boxes Etc. and ship them to us here in Arizona. We turn then around within 3 business days and ship them back to you via UPS. New Toyota door panels cost over $650 each for a single color replacement.

We take your door panels and re-upholster them and then place the center insert in the color of your choice. The texture of the material is nearly identical to the factory, and being a highly UV resistant Marine-style synthetic-leather, the life is longer. Clean-up is as simple as spraying on some Fantastik cleaner and you are done.

Price is for a matched pair (2) door panels and includes FREE shipping back to you from our master craftsmen shop here in Arizona.

email for information or shipping instructions and address.