Virtual Works 95mm Intake Pipe

Virtual Works 95mm Intake Pipe
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Virtual Works 95mm Intake Pipe
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VRW 1004
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This Virtual Works intercooler pipe is exclusively made for the Virtual Works intake manifold. When you upgrade your intake manifold for higher performance the larger 95mm throttle body requires much higher air flow which cannot be found in any of the aftermarket intercooler piping. This piece is absolutely necessary to have in order for the manifold to perform at it's greatest potential. It is fully polished to match perfectly with the manifold and has a very high quality contruction. Expect nothing less for quality or performance from Virtual Works!! This intercooler pipe will make the installation of your manifold that much smoother and efficient. You will not be able to use the piping from any brand of after market intercooler as the direction of the manifold's throttle body points towards the battery location rather than straight down as in the factory direction. The battery will need to be relocated as well.