XAT Racing 1UZ 3UZ Billet Aluminum Pulley Set **PREORDER** 3UZ pulleys
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XAT Racing 1UZ 3UZ Billet Aluminum Pulley Set **PREORDER** 3UZ pulleys

XAT Racing 1UZ 3UZ Billet Aluminum Pulley Set **PREORDER** 3UZ pulleys
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The initial test batch has been finalized, mounted, and confirmed for fitment! The display pieces are natural silver, but the finished product will be anodized black or anodized clear (silver). Estimated completion date is late May 2020.

Please note these will only be available as a full set initially. We feel rather than having mismatched parts, we can make full sets at this price point, which fits most applications. Assorted UZ engines use different pulleys depending on generation and chassis, but any pulleys that arent a direct replacement for your setup are easily fixed.

Included pulleys:

Power steering: this should fit all UZ engines, however some UZ V8s do not have serviceable power steering pump pulleys. They are pressed on instead of retained with a nut on the front. If you intend on using the XAT pulley, you will have to swap out your power steering pump for one with the retaining nut on the front. Please note that the diameter of the original pulley may be different from the XAT pulley (factory 3UZ size), which may be preferable for your application to have it overdriven or underdriven slightly. Tensioner idler: fits all UZ VVTi engines. May be slightly different from 1UZ non-VVTi engines
Alternator: This will fit all 1UZ non VVTi, 1UZ VVTi, 2UZ, and 3UZ engines Hydrofan bracket idler: You will need the bracket from a 1UZ VVTi or any 2UZ engine for this to match up Upper idler: fits all 98+ UZs, including 1UZ VVTi, 2UZ, and 3UZ engines

Some pulleys might fit your engine just fine but end up being a slightly different size/diameter. This may also change which sized belt you will need, so please keep that in mind when installing.