XAT Racing 3UR-FE Dry Sump Oil Pan PREORDER
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XAT Racing 3UR-FE Dry Sump Oil Pan PREORDER
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We've focused on the 1UZ, 2UZ, and 3UZ engines for many years now, and will continue to develop more and more parts for those iconic V8s. We're also now starting to gear up for the UR market, starting with performance camshafts and a billet dry sump oil pan! We're building this around a 3URFE engine, and suspect it will likely fit the 1UR 4.6 and 2UR 5.0 V8s also. Confirmation will come at a later date.

The pan is being designed to be used in conjunction with the Moroso dry sump oil pump. This kit is being modeled after the TRD UZ V8s one, but being built specifically for the larger UR block.

Please note, this is not a complete bolt on kit. We are developing these still, which will be unique to each chassis. Expect to sacrifice your A/C compressor for this, or possibly have to relocate other engine driven accessories. You will still need the belt driven oil pump, lines, tank, and any other ancillary parts (such as cooler, filter housing, etc.), though these parts will depend on intended use, goals, and budget for the vehicle.