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Non-Turbo Supra: Can I Convert it to a Turbo?

Non-Turbo Supra: Can I Convert it to a Turbo?

Absolutely, yes you can! In a nutshell here are you choices:

1. Purchase one of our QuickSilver or Boost Logic non-turbo to turbo conversion kits and be a very satisfied customer!

2. Sell it and get a twin turbo Supra.

3. Do a TT engine swap. By the time you do the ECU and wiring harness and professional install you are looking at $10K

This is a very common question and one I hope to answer here, so I don't have to answer 100 emails a day about this same question.

Many people start their search for a Supra Twin-Turbo and begin to find out that the search can be a bit difficult and expensive. At some point people begin to see that the non-turbo version of the Supra, while it has the same body style (looks) as it's big brother twin-turbo, it is certainly much less expensive.

The question then always comes, can I add the turbo kits you have listed on your website to my non-turbo Supra, because if I can, then I can save alot of money. Answer: The non-turbo engine is called a 2JZGE and while it has a shared basic design (inline 6) of the twin-turbo (2JZGTE) engine it is a different beast.

You CANNOT utilize turbo kits designed for the 2JZGTE Twin Turbo Supra engine on a non-turbo Supra engine (at least without a lot of work, time and money). The cylinder head manifold mounting is different, clearances are different, it has small fuel injectors, is a higher compression motor and a few other changes that make it not possible.

The non-turbo car has 225HP from the factory and has a very limited path forward for upgrades without boost. We have a separate section on our website for Non-Turbo - NA Supras, which will lead you in the right direction on that car.

Our team at has provided many turbo conversion packages for our non-turbo owners the world over. Feel free to email us, telephone us or use live Chat to discuss your project.


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