1JZ-GTE CT-12a Turbo Billet Upgrade/Rebuild

1JZ-GTE CT-12a Turbo Billet Upgrade/Rebuild
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1JZ-GTE CT-12a Turbo Billet Upgrade/Rebuild
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Finally, an answer for 1JZ stock twins!! You send in a rebuildable pair of CT12A turbos. We disassemble them, completely clean and bead blast all the housings, install brand new inconel (steel) exhaust wheels/shafts, and bore the compressor housings for a pair of brand new billet 11-Blade compressor wheels!! This upgrade makes a BIG improvement in power output and reliability! Want to make over 350whp--reliably--on a set of stock twins? This is what you need! This price does NOT include the cores, you must send us your rebuildable turbos first.

Since we bore the wastegate and exhaust control ports larger during the upgrade, you will be less likely to have boost spikes and overboosting issues compared to stock.

We will inspect the turbos and advise you if they have any unusable parts before we begin the upgrade. Please make sure you give us a good contact phone number. Print your invoice and put it in the box with your turbos. We will give you an address to ship them to. It is imperative that you package them well!!

Use many strips of cardboard wrapped around the turbos if you don't have access to any other packing materials. Double boxing is a good idea also. Your cooperation is appreciated.