Toyota Supra 200 AMP ALTERNATOR 1993-1998 2JZGTE 2JZGE

Toyota Supra 200 AMP ALTERNATOR 1993-1998 2JZGTE 2JZGE
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Toyota Supra 200 AMP ALTERNATOR 1993-1998 2JZGTE 2JZGE

Toyota Supra 200 AMP ALTERNATOR 1993-1998 2JZGTE 2JZGE
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APPLICATION: 1993-1998 Supra 2JZGTE (Turbo) and 2JZGE (Non-Turbo)

This alternator is 100% plug n' play, direct fit, with no adapters, spacers, or rigging like other kits.

As you may know the stock 1993-1998 Supra alternator provides 90amps/105amps (6sp/auto) of current flow at maximum output. When you install electric fan's, a cranking stereo system, and other electronic gadgets this presses the factory alternator to it's limits.

In some situations with the air conditioner running, electric fans going, dual fuel pumps, there is simply not enough current to keep the battery at a constant state of charge. If you mix-in a large current draw from car stereo amplifiers, your electrical system will stop producing enough current, voltages across the system which drop to the lower end of the scale and major issues can and do happen.

The last thing in the world you want is your aftermarket equipped 2JZGTE running big boost on multiple fuel pumps with all your other goodies on, then lose some current to the fuel supply! As Goose said to Maverick in Top Gun, "this is not good Maverick".

We have looked for quite some time for an upgraded alternator that was robust, had increased current capacity, good-looking, cost-effective and would fit properly in the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra! Well, good news is that we have found just the units! Our 200 AMP alternator kit is now available. The alternators are 100 load tested.

Fit and finish are excellent and it is a plug-n-play installation.

These units do not require a core charge. We usually stock these, but even if out of stock, build-time is only 72 hours. Six month warranty.

* Custom hand wound heavy gauge stator with high temp. insulation. Fully re-manufactured.

* Highest quality Internal electronic voltage regulator.

* Oversized bearings with high temp. grease for durability.

* Heavy duty rectifier plate with high amp diodes.

These units are completely re-manufactured from original units (see above bullets for highlights)internals rebuilt and then the magic begins. As with any alternator they produce current based upon the coil windings and rpm's. The coil windings is where the current capacity is created, so it is based upon the capacity of the wire and number of windings on the coil.

Without over simplifying the process, we simply use a higher current (and more expensive) wire and provide additional windings inside the unit. The higher quality wire allows more current and heat to be handled, and the increase in quantity of windings increases the overall capacity. Then the internals are matched with higher capacity components for a matched-internal device with external results.

Bottom-line: you get a re-manufactured alternator, designed to produce more clean current then the factory original.

If you want a polished alternator housing (like shown in picture) please select that from the drop down menu for an additional $165. Please keep in mind that this will delay shipment of the alternator about a week.

Application Note: This alternator will fit all 1993-1998 Supra Turbo and Non-Turbo Supra's, both automatic and 6 speed, Japan Spec, UK Spec, Euro Spec and US Spec. Direct fit, period.

Please keep in mind that if you install this alternator with a bad or low battery, it can ruin the alternator quickly. If you also are making lots of power or rev high, you could easily overspin the alternator. In this case, you would need a larger alternator pulley, which we can supply separately if need be. The belt might also not be tightened enough, as this alternator often has a slightly smaller pulley diameter than what is in your car.