3.5 or 5 Bar Stainless Steel MAP Sensor
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3.5 or 5 Bar Stainless Steel MAP Sensor
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This mil-spec industrial 0-5V MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor designed for automotive use is the premier MAP Sensor for high boosting cars.

For those that want to run more than the limit of 2.5 bar of boost (~35 psi) on the 3.5 bar map sensor (remember 1 bar is used for vacuum), we also offer the 5 BAR sensor. Please note that if you are NOT running over 35 psi, the 3.5 bar MAP sensor will be the one to get. Since they work on the same 0-5 volt scale, the 3.5 bar sensor will give more accurate readings.

Includes the Map Sensor and the wiring pigtail. In stock, ready for immediate shipment.