Toyota CT26 Turbo Upgrade 7MGTE & 3SGTE with Warranty!

Toyota CT26 Turbo Upgrade 7MGTE & 3SGTE with Warranty!
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Toyota CT26 Turbo Upgrade 7MGTE & 3SGTE with Warranty!

Toyota CT26 Turbo Upgrade 7MGTE & 3SGTE with Warranty!
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Is your CT26 housing cracked? Guess what...they almost all are by now! Although this should not affect operation, we are now welding up wastegate port cracks, so you can be certain you will not get a turbine housing with cracks in the wastegate. This is included in our service at no charge

For a few years, now our loyal 7MGTE Supra and 3SGTE powered customer base has asked us to provide a quality performance built CT26 turbocharger with a warranty. Well, we have put together a package from our most trusted turbo builder here that is doing just that!

Upgraded compressor wheels? Absolutely! From stock all the way to 60-1 (275 HP to 500+ HP) capable. Everyone loves these turbos from!

Factory CT26 with a 60-1 upgrade making 365 WHP on moderate boost! Video

People are asking why we charge slightly more than the "other-guys". I will be honest, the "other-guys" turbo's are not nearly as quality as our builds, do not have warranties, do not respond to any issues if they arise, and frankly, some of them don't even properly machine the housing and use inferior bearing sets! If you want the best rebuilt performance CT26 turbocharger there is, then this it it. We stand behind it!

We also have the CT26 Turbo Upgrade for the Celica All-Trac and the Toyota MR2 in both the single entry and dual entry configurations as well. Please see below for those applications.

Warranty for stock replacement turbo is 12 months! A performance boosted turbo (details on warranty below) 120 days on materials and workmanship. Just bolts right back where your older turbo was. Perfect for those that want to maintain the stock look. Set-up that grudge race, pop the hood, and show them a stock turbo housing. Little do they know you might have a beast installed in that lil turbo! Price includes any wheel choice. If all you want is a stock rebuilt turbo, then simply select that from the drop down menu and our slick software will reduce the price.

What will you receive?

A complete rebuilt CT26 (as per your order spec's).

New CHRA assembly (new CHRA includes a new compressor wheel, new turbine shaft, new bearing housing, and all new bearings and seals.) 100% USA machined, rebuilt and balanced using a factory Toyota turbo, not a Chinese replacement.

Integrated wastegate (as in the picture)

This is a ready to bolt in CT26 using a Toyota core, modified as required, clipped wheel, rebalanced with integrated wastegate, ready to go. The entire assembly is balanced and then prepared to ship to you. Working time on building your turbo is approximately 7-10 working days after processing order. Simple, clean, effective. Horsepower figures are approximate (crankshaft hp) and based upon a 7MGTE motor that has the appropriate fuel system, head gasket and performance modifications to support such power levels. When sending in your core, please make sure to include all parts attached to the turbo including wastegate and actuator

How do these upgraded CT26 turbo's spool? The single largest benefit of our upgraded CT26's comes from the machined-in wheels, which are performance based wheels which spool incredibly well! You will love the new boost curve and overall power-band and characteristics of the CT26 upgrade!

"Hey Mark, that is quite a few options! What should I do?" Well, the two most popular wheel choices are the 57 trim and the 60-1. We strongly recommend the 57 trim for the best all around build and reliability

46 Trim: 41lb/min or 410 HP

50 Trim: 47lb/min or 470 HP

54 Trim: 45lb/min or 450 HP

57 Trim: 49lb/min or 490 HP

60 Trim: 50lb/min or 500 HP

60-1: 61lb/min or 500+ HP

Warranty Basics:

If a stock turbo running stock boost fails within 12 months of receipt of the turbo because we did something wrong in machining or assembly, or even a material failure, we will fix it for you for free! For performance based turbos, the warranty is 120 days from the day you receive the turbo. Of course, if you don't know what you are doing and install it poorly, or don't have proper oil flow, or you were not that bright and installed the turbo with oil that is contaminated, we cannot cover the part. Analysis tells us immediately if something went through the turbo and hit the wheels, or if the bearing failure is oil starvation/contamination related. Please note that the warranty starts from the date of receipt of the turbocharger itself.

Delivery times: The build time is approximately 7 business days, so expect them to be delivered in 10-14 business days. Why the slight delay? Simple. There are so many variations of wheel sizes and couple that with polished or not polished, we simply cannot stock every variation. The moment the order is placed, we begin working on one to meet deadlines, and the process is started. Rush orders are possible, but will include an expediting fee (at the discretion of the builder).

International Shipping? Yes! We ship international on all of our products, and have many CT26's shipped throughout the world for all sorts of projects. Approximate shipping costs for outside North America are approximately $155 USD.

Picture 2 is a 60-1 built monster capable of big power!