NO LONGER AVAILABLE Flex-a-Lite FLX-420 Electric Fan Kit - 2500 CFM Toyota Supra

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Flex-a-Lite FLX-420 Electric Fan Kit - 2500 CFM Toyota Supra
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE Flex-a-Lite FLX-420 Electric Fan Kit - 2500 CFM Toyota Supra
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** Non-Thermostat Controlled Version ** Thermostat Relay Control Version available as an option.
Kit is not sold separately.

People have been a bit skeptical about electric twin fan kits replacing the stock horsepower robbing pulley driven unit. These work very well in most every climate, although in hot temperatures there have been some temperature rise situations. They also get rid of that nasty large fan and you can do away with the radiator shroud, so your entire front engine bay is CLEANED up big-time! Kit includes all mounting hardware. This unit flush mounts directly to the engine side of the radiator, and is a "pull type" or "suction" fan that provides over 2,500 cfm!!! Great for the road racer or drag racer, as you can allow the fans to run while the car is shut down and cool that radiator down!!!

There is a modest power gain from utilizing this kit, because of the reduction in rotating mass. I would estimate there is more power gain from this than from an underdrive crankshaft pulley (7hp).

Installation is straight forward and requires standard tools and knowledge. Upgrade NOW!!!

Before installing the fans, you should make sure your radiator is in good working order, has a good mixture of radiator fluid, water, and a bottle of RedLine Water Wetter. recommends you wire your fans to run when the engine is on for both 7M and 2JZ cars, if you dont opt for the thermostatic version.

Low profile, and lower temperatures from Flex-a-lite 420 electric fans.

For lots of cooling power in a little bit of space, install one of Flex-a-lite's Low Profile S-Blade universal electric fans. They're only 2 5/8 in. deep, but the 15 in. wide x 13 1/2 in. high single fans move 1,250 cfm each at 11 amps, while the 26 1/4 in. wide x 15 1/2 in. high dual fans move 2,500 cfm. The fiberglass-reinforced nylon S-blades make all of that air move quietly and efficiently, and every fan includes rigid brackets and through-core installation kits. They're also available with a control package, consisting of an adjustable thermostat and an A/C relay (the dual fan control packages also include variable speed control).

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