Engine Head Package
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Engine Head Package
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fer S10044, E11022, SL1016, F1861P, F1859P
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Here is the ultimate valve train for those people who are looking for serious gains from their 7MGTE's! This first package contains a complete valve train for the stock size valves and works great with factory cams without any additional headwork.

Package #1 comes with standard size valves for both exhaust and intake, dual valve springs, spring seat locators, and titanium retainers. If you are looking for a Ferrea valve train that has oversized valves to maximize the flow from your ported head then check out Package #2. The second package contains everything as the first package except the valves are 1mm oversized.

You know this is the best because Ferrea Competition Plus Valves have built a reputation as the industry's most reliable extreme duty valve. This is a next generation exhaust valve made of an Ultra High Strength, High Temp Nickel Stainless Steel Alloy. Ferrea first used this material with great success during the development of a very high stress, high temp endurance racing program. Choose nothing but the best.