High Output 140 Amp Alternator 1987-1992 Toyota Supra 7MGTE MK3

High Output 140 Amp Alternator 1987-1992 Toyota Supra 7MGTE MK3
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High Output 140 Amp Alternator 1987-1992 Toyota Supra 7MGTE MK3
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APPLICATION: 1986.5 - 1992 Supra Turbo & Non-Turbo

Finally a quality high output 140 amp alternator for the owners of 1986.5 to 1992 Toyota Supras! The factory unit is rated at 60amps, but only puts out 52amp max! If you are running a big stereo or have a few aftermarket electronics, then you need the extra current capacity to avoid electrical problems. Electric fans? If you have electric fans, then you are already over-driving your electrical system. You needs this upgrade.

This is especially critical if you are running larger boost, bigger fuel pump(s), aftermarket ECU's and don't want glitches while running big boost! An injector or pump glitch at big boost and you could lose your entire engine...

These units do not require a core charge. We usually stock these, but even if out of stock, build-time is only 72 hours. Six month warranty.

* Custom hand wound heavy gauge stator with high temp. insulation. Fully re-manufactured.

* Highest quality Internal electronic voltage regulator.

* Oversized bearings with high temp. grease for durability.

* Heavy duty rectifier plate with high amp diodes.

Our alternators are hot-rated for 140amps, not cold-rated like all the other guys, which translates into real-world amperage ratings.

These units are completely re-manufactured from original units (see above bullets for highlights) internals, rebuilt, and then the magic begins. As with any alternator, they produce current based upon the coil windings and RPM's. The coil windings are where the current capacity is created, so it is based upon the capacity of the wire and number of windings on the coil.

Without over simplifying the process, we simply use a higher current (and more expensive) wire and provide additional windings inside the unit. The higher quality wire allows more current and heat to be handled, and the increase in quantity of windings increases the overall capacity. Then, the internals are matched with higher capacity components for a matched-internal device with external results.

Bottom-line: you get a re-manufactured alternator, designed to produce more clean current then the factory original.

If you want a nice highly polished alternator housing, then select polished for an additional $130.