GReddy Informeter

GReddy Informeter
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GReddy Informeter
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The Greddy Intelligent Informeter is a inexpensive solution to monitor your your veichles parameters via the factory OBDII Port. This will allow you to read up to 25 pieces of information.

Communicates with the factory ECU to read up to 25 Channels Like: Speedometer, RPM, Water Temp, Ignition Timing, Injector Rate, Intake Air Temp, Fuel Temp, Air Flow Voltage, Intake Manifold Press, 02 Sensor Voltage, A/F, Battery Voltage, Throttle Position, WGV, ATF Temp, EGR Temp, Gear Position, 4WD Ratio, Exhaust Temp.

For use with veichles wich use OBD2 Ports, a cigarette lighter plug powers up the unit.

Features a easy to read Color LCD Screen, Monitor Record and Playback, and 180 Degree Monitor Flexibility.

This unit will work with all OBDII Veichles, although, only some Parameters will be able to be displayed.