SupraStore Lexus IS300 GS300 Return Fuel System Set-Up Package

SupraStore Lexus IS300 GS300 Return Fuel System Set-Up Package
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SupraStore Lexus IS300 GS300 Return Fuel System Set-Up Package
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When doing any boost install to the Lexus IS 300 or GS 300, one must take absolute consideration of the limits of the engine, fuel system, engine management and operating environment, before you find yourself with a blown-up engine.

There is much discussion on how much power the stock fuel system, engine management system, etc., the engine can handle. It is our "base" experience that on the factory small fuel injectors you can run about 285 RWHP safely. Safely would be defined as injector duty cycle limit not exceeding 85% with an air fuel ratio under boost of 11.5 to 12.0 to 1 on good quality premium unleaded fuel. I know people have made 375rwhp on factory injectors, but this is our opinion of "safe", not everyone's.

Because we sell quite a few budget turbo kits to the 2JZGE IS300 customer, we wanted to put together what we refer to as our "Stage 1.5 IS300 Accessory Kit." This kit contains our return fuel system set-up package (details below), AEM UEGO Wideband and piggyback for help in fine tuning those with entry level boost kits.

Not every customer requires the complete Stage 1.5 Accessory Kit, and frankly, some just want to swap their IS300 from the returnless factory style fuel system to the "required" Return Fuel System, which is a must for any boosted application in the IS300. Without this, you cannot successfully install a proper fuel pressure regulator.

I said all that, to say this. We have this Fuel System Set-up Package which converts your factory fuel system to a return style fuel system. All parts are in this kit. Figure an afternoon to do the install for an experienced mechanic.

This kit contains the following:
Return Fuel Line Package:

FueLab 1:1 Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator -6 AN

1000 psi rated fuel line kit

All AN fittings

Fuel pressure gauge (mounts to FPR)

The Ti Automotive Walbro GSS352G3 350 liter per hour or the F90000267 E85 Walbro drop in fuel pump kit T 450 liter per hour is available at extra cost for those needing more fuel flow. Email for details.

If you are building a dual or triple feed fuel setup for your IS, please contact us as we have a separate kit for you to fit your needs