Magnecor Spark Plug Wires 7MGTE 8.5mm KV85

Magnecor Spark Plug Wires 7MGTE 8.5mm KV85
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Magnecor Spark Plug Wires 7MGTE 8.5mm KV85
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Select KV85 (8.5mm), 8mm or 7mm from drop down menu.

Magnecor does not delude itself that the cost of manufacturing our Race Wires will always be far in excess of what most performance aftermarket resellers want to pay. Nor do we have any intention to compromise either the performance or the quality of our products to pander to resellers who base their decisions as to which parts to stock on the premise that consumers only want cheap and/or heavily promoted products. For this reason Magnecor products are only available from retailers who stock and sell quality merchandise and who are more concerned about their customers needs than they are about making additional profits from heavily promoted inferior merchandise onto which extra margins can be loaded.

Magnecor products are also popular with technicians who take pride in providing their customers with the best possible workmanship and spare parts that will benefit their customers most. Many repair shops do not fit Magnecor Race Wires to their customers' street vehicles because it is unlikely customers will ever need to replace the wires while they own their vehicles — although a huge number of the same repair shop owners and employees will happily buy Magnecor wires for their own vehicles.

Although Magnecor Race Wires have always been primarily designed and manufactured for use on modern competition engines which require wires with high-capacity EMI suppressed conductors (which will not deteriorate with use or interfere with on-board electronic equipment, including engine management systems) and heat-resistant insulating jackets which are far super/or to all other ignition wires currently proliferating the performance aftermarket, Magnecor Race Wires can be used on exhaust emission controlled street vehicles to improve and maintain ignition performance, even if a high-output ignition system is not fitted.

Also, Magnecor Race Wires are available for almost every engine ever made. Unless the customer requests a universal (unfinished) wire set, all Magnecor Race Wire sets or individual wires are supplied ready-to-install to eliminate the problems and inconvenience associated with stripping, terminating and booting the unfinished wire sets which most mass-merchandisers and speed shops prefer to stock.