Powerhouse Racing PHR Stage 2+ Turbo Kit 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo
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Powerhouse Racing PHR Stage 2+ Turbo Kit 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo
Powerhouse Racing PHR Stage 2+ Turbo Kit 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo

Powerhouse Racing PHR Stage 2+ Turbo Kit 1993-2002 Toyota Supra Turbo
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Jarret Humphrey's the founder of PHR and I go back to the 1990's and were part of the group of American Supra enthusiasts who put the potential of the 2JZ on the map. We now offer the entire Powerhouse Racing line here at SupraStore.com.

We label the PHR Stage 2+ kit as the "Street Killer" turbo system. This is because the PHR Stage 2+ Turbo System has made quite a name for itself in the past few years by single handedly killing off the competition one race at a time. With similar boost response to the Stage 2 System, the Stage 2+ (GT67) turbo can provide approximately 30 more RWHP over the Stage 2 (GT62) turbocharger and still maintain peak torque by 4800 RPM. The result is a quick-spooling, ultra-powerful turbo setup that makes quick work of the "competition". While upgraded camshafts are not necessary, a street grind such as the HKS 256 or 264 durations would work nicely in conjunction with the PHR Stage 2+ System.

The Stage 2+ System includes the original top-quality PHR stainless steel header, TIAL or Precision Turbo external wastegate, 65mm 321 stainless steel wastegate dump tube, 3" mandrel bent downpipe with V-band connectors, 3" mandrel bent midpipe with V-band connectors, 2.5" mandrel bent aluminum drop-down style intercooler piping, high gloss 3-ply silicone connectors in red, blue, or black, 4" air intake tube, 4" K&N high flow air filter, GT67 turbocharger with polished PHR compressor housing, 10AN stainless steel braided oil drain line, 4AN Teflon stainless steel oil feed line, 4AN Teflon stainless steel wastegate control lines, stainless steel turbocharger gaskets, stainless steel locking exhaust manifold nuts, stainless steel hose clamps, and all hardware for a worry-free install. As an added bonus, the downpipe includes an oxygen sensor flange for the Toyota unit, as well as an 18mm bung for a wideband sensor.

The PHR exhaust manifold and all exhaust components are fully Extreme 2000 black heat coated for durability and heat reduction, and all intercooler piping is ceramic coated to reduce thermal conductivity. Also, since all kit components are the same, the Stage 2+ System can be upgraded to the Stage 3 System by simply changing the turbocharger if desired. Our famous drop-down design intercooler piping takes a direct route to the front mount intercooler to reduce turbo lag, therefore, our intercooler piping is specific to each brand. Please specify your brand/model of front mounted intercooler and color of silicone connectors when ordering. This turbo system is available for shipment anywhere in the world.

Note: Please choose your desired color of silicone and specific Intercooler pipe to fit. The new PHR manifold design is included with this kit (see pic of raw manifold). This is an amazing design and replaces the picture of the black version. You will receive a 2000 degree F coated manifold (not raw).