Precision Turbo 6766 CEA Billet Turbocharger

Precision Turbo 6766 CEA Billet Turbocharger
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Precision Turbo 6766 CEA Billet Turbocharger
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Rated at 930 HP, this Precision Turbo is making big power on 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders, with the 2JZ and E46 Bimmer guys/gals snapping these bad boys up. CEA exclusive design maintains great transient boost for a solid daily driver experience and then tire shredding mid to top end performance.

Brand New! Precision Turbo's newest line of compressor wheels, offering higher flow, lower boost threshold, and faster transient response compared to their cast predecessors. This means that when you are on and off the throttle in agressive or "spirited" driving, the turbo will regain its boost quicker due to the lower weight and mass of the billet compressor wheel. Billet technology allows the T04R equivalent 67mm wheel to make upwards of 850 WHP!

Please select options from drop down menu for compressor housing options, turbine housing options, and journal or ball bearing CHRA.