ProSeries 2JZGTE Quick Spool Valve - QSV Turbo Manifold

ProSeries 2JZGTE Quick Spool Valve - QSV Turbo Manifold
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ProSeries 2JZGTE Quick Spool Valve - QSV Turbo Manifold
ProSeries 2JZGTE Quick Spool Valve - QSV Turbo Manifold
ProSeries 2JZGTE Quick Spool Valve - QSV Turbo Manifold

ProSeries 2JZGTE Quick Spool Valve - QSV Turbo Manifold
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For years, people have been asking why they must pay $1700+ for a turbo manifold. I understand it takes time to engineer, test-fit, build a prototype, then build a jig, just to offer a header. This costs money, and quality fabricators (check out our x-ray verified welds!!) are not cheap either. Our goal was under $1000 for a world-class hand-made manifold for the Supra community, which we have been a part of longer than any business on the planet.

Okay, now on to the meat and potatos. The engineering team at has come up with the industries first, original-design-criteria QSV turbo manifold. We went back to the Finite Element Analysis and CAD world to design a manifold that not only properly fit the QSV, but did not compromise turbo mounting height and our collector design, which is critical to any. We were successful and this new QSV Supra Manifold is a beautiful example!

What in the world is a QSV Manifold? We sell a ton of SP Quick Spool Valves (just ask Larry). Since we control design and fabrication, why not build a manifold designed from the beginning for the QSV? So we did just that. We made a turbo manifold that compensates for the 3/4" (19mm) height difference.

The SP QSV allows for twin scroll turbos to be run on an undivided manifold, with a simple design to allow a port to be shut down for super fast spool, then transition to wide open full scroll!! There are two main issues when fitting a QSV to an existing manifold.
1. You will have to cut and re-weld in the flange to sit the turbo lower, as the QSV is basically a 3/4" (19mm) plate, which if not lowered, the turbo can sit too high.
2. Some modified manifolds do NOT allow proper clearance for the QSV drive actuation mechanisms, which can hit the tubes. Our design is built 100% for the QSV from the beginning and offers perfect fitment and original design practices to be used in the manifold.

This manifold is SupraStore designed, we control it, we build it, we offer it to you for less. If it does not have our logo spot-welded on it, then it is a copy. ProSeries turbo manifolds are hand-made in a jig (to offer consistency) and have amazing welds and outstanding fitment. We also include a 3 year warranty on all ProSeries exhaust manifolds sold!

Our 304SS tig welded 2JZ exhaust manifold scavenges like none other on the market, with efficient runner designs and a proven collector. They are finished in a brushed-stainless "raw-look", but we can ceramic coat them at extra cost, if that is what you require. They are robust, handle heat cycles correctly and are guaranteed to perform.

If you require a TiAL, Precision, HKS, TurboSmart, or other branded flange welded in, they are available as an option in the drop down menu. If you require another type of wastegate flanged welded, please select "Other" in the drop down menu, and make a note in the comments section of the type of flange required. Our staff will contact you to confirm details.

What you will receive:
(1) ProSeries QSV Manifold w/options you select

SP Quick Spool Valve is optionally available at additional cost in drop down menu

As with pretty much all tubular manifolds for these engines, you can expect to either modify existing mounting hardware or use the shorter hardware kit we offer. Again, the only way to feasibly make these manifolds with thick walls and proper runner design is to have a tight fit on the flange. This is much more preferable to compromising manifold design.

At maximum width from the head flange of the manifold, this is at its widest at about 10.75 to 11 inches, give or take