Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV

Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
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Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV

Sound Performance SP Quick Spool Valve QSV
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Okay, so you have read or are about to read what is below and you want the brief-no-nonsense quick opinion from SupraStore. Here it goes. The greatest single complaint we get from people switching from stock twins to a larger single turbo is LAG. Many people are just tired of having to deal with the lag of a bigger turbo. Bottom line, with the quick spool valve, your 62-67mm single turbo will spool quicker, hit harder and faster, and make much better torque and horsepower than your stock twins! End-of-story, read the stuff below for the technical nuts-and-bolts. What about bigger turbos? Same result: spool quickly, lag minimized, bam!!

Now that you are convinced, watch the video and notice the first two dyno runs without the quick spool valve in quick spool mode, you will see how long it takes after the driver put the accelerator to the floor for it to get on big boost and spool. Now, fast forward to around 1:42 in the video and watch the quick spool switched on. Pay attention or you will miss it, as soon as the driver nails the throttle, WHAM, BAM, it spools NOW!!

Oh - why buy from us? Simple, I have personally known Larry at SP for years, have tormented him back in the day and was running 900rwhp+ 10 years ago on a stock motor with one of the first SP74mm turbo's on the planet. That isn't a reason? Well, then, we sell it for LESS!!

Are you a hard core racer, running explosive anti-lag or 2-step blasts on your car? If so, worry not, as all of the QSVs are now the HD version for us hardcore enthusiasts!

This is one of the BEST upgrades for everyone running a T3 T4 or T6 turbo. The Quick Spool Valve has proven to produce as much as 150ft/lbs MORE TORQUE in the midrange of the powerband, AND it will make more peak power as well due to the turbo spooling faster.

The Quick Spool Valve has a butterfly valve blocking a scroll of the divided turbo housing, making the turbo act as if it were a smaller turbo. All the exhaust energy is routed through half the turbine housing, causing the turbo to spool at a much more rapid rate. In other words, the spool valve is essentially "halving" the turbine A/R when the valve is closed, and then you get close to full A/R when it is opened. For example lets say you have a .86 A/R 76GTS turbo. With the quick spool valve operating, at lower rpm's it acts like a turbo with a .43 A/R housing, which means it spools very quickly, shifting the power band downward on the curve and allowing for much quicker build up of hp and torque! When the valve opens, you end up with about 95%+ of your total A/R available and full boost.

Incredible for street cars!!!

The switching solenoid can be wired up to open at a set point and when the valve opens up, you have the full potential of your turbo with no sacrifice of peak power.

The Quick Spool Valve thickness is 3/4" so this is going to require either modification to the exhaust manifold or the downpipe to compensate for the height increase of 3/4". The valve sits between your turbo exhaust housing flange (sometimes called a footprint) and the exhaust manifold. All QSV's require final fitment by the installer and may require slight clearance mods depending upon the turbo.

People are asking, "how does it work with smaller T4 turbos? " Well, it works fantastic, as the design is not dependent of a large turbo, or for that matter, a large A/R. A 7MGTE owner with a 62mm turbo (see dyno sheet) was able on stock 7MGTE with SAFC on stock ECU to see a shift of 500-600rpm sooner spool, and a maximum gain of 50hp and 71torque at 3500 rpm! The red line on the dyno sheet is a dyno run with the valve closed; the blue line is with the valve open, as if there was no valve.

YOU MUST HAVE A NON DIVIDED MANIFOLD! If you have a divided manifold, we offer our own QuickSilver manifolds to suit your needs.

Note: International shipping includes most of the UK & Australia. Other major cities may be the same or more depending upon location. If your city costs more for shipping charges we will notify you of the price before we charge your credit card.