PWR Radiator Toyota Supra Automatic or 6 Speed MKIV

PWR Radiator Toyota Supra Automatic or 6 Speed MKIV
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PWR Radiator Toyota Supra Automatic or 6 Speed MKIV
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The Best Radiator for the Supra MKIV, period! Why do you say this? PWR of Australia are the KING's at Supra cooling. Road racer are the hardest on radiators and real-time comparative results show the PWR to offer the best cooling performance, best recovery rate, period. While it is only 3-6 degrees over Fluidyne and Koyo, and a 8 degrees over MIZU, it is the best.

The question is, do you need the absolute best for your daily driver fast street Supra? If so, this is it, if not, then the others mentioned offer a HUGE improvement over stock.

In 1920 the high performance radiator market was ZERO. In 1966 only Nascar and Indy were offered HiPo radiators. Jump to 2002 and all that were available were OEM radiators with plastic top and side end tanks and minimal capacity for high performance tuned Japanese boosted motors!

Fluidyne entered the game with a unit that inspired Supra owners to boost it up, road race it, and yes even Rally Race. PWR has now gone game and introduced they're PWR Supra Radiator (only available for those Supra owners who can shift). 57mm thick (2.24") with a highly show-polished shine!!

Expect a cooling capacity increase of over 40% on the good stocker unit and with true solid heat-dissipating aluminum side and top tanks, you can handle the pressure needed to cool those big ball busting boost monsters, baby!!

While these units are a bit grip compared to the Fluidyne, you have to remember that this is a polished system worthy of the KINGS, Keith Ta's, Guillys and other world Supra champion cars!!! Batter Up!!!

NOTE: For automatic transmissions please select the oil cooler and fan kit below as it will be needed for the installation.

For the 1993-1998 Supra owners many people want to know if there is a specific radiator for the automatic transmission cars? The answer is yes, there is. The Toyota original radiator on automatic transmission equipped Supra Twin Turbo's came with an internally built-in oil cooler for the transmission fluid. With the exception of a special-order PWR radiator, all aftermarket performance radiators are designed without an oil cooler, so you will need to buy an aftermarket oil cooler with an electric fan, which we will as an option.

Okay, that is good information Mark, now I want to know if the manual transmission radiators (all aftermarket) will fit without any problems in my automatic car? Absolutely, yes they will fit.

Buy one of our great radiators, then get yourself one of our oil cooler with fan kits and you are 100% good to go. Hope that helps.

What about radiator fluid for aluminum radiators? Here is what you want to run (if possible). Toyota Red anti-freeze or Toyota Pink (pre-mixed 50/50), DISTILLED WATER (do not use water from the tap) and a single bottle of Redline Water Wetter (or your preferred water wetting ICE additive). Put one bottle of the additive in first, then again 2 liters of Toyota Red and the top off with DISTILLED WATER. Purge as required to remove air bubbles. If you are running Toyota Pink (pre-mixed 50/50) then add the bottle of water wetter first and top-off with the Toyota Pink.

If you do not have access to Toyota Red fluid, then buy a quality fluid that is Toyota rated and you will be fine. People can be real anal about radiator fluid, but follow the basic principals above and you will be fine.