SupraStore SS Radiator Cap

SupraStore SS Radiator Cap
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SupraStore SS Radiator Cap

SupraStore SS Radiator Cap
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This is one of the little things we're especially proud of at SupraStore! What makes them so great? Unlike generic or other caps, our SupraStore caps are specifically engineered to pressurize your cooling system to 1.8 bar, or 26 psi, when most other caps only do 16-20 psi or so. Why does this matter? Because with that extra 8 psi, your cooling system has the boiling point raised an additional 30 degrees Fahrenheit. That gives you much more room before your coolant boils, you develop steam/air pockets, and the coolant fails to do its job entirely, leaving you with a blown head gasket or worse!

This is one of the best pieces of inexpensive insurance you can get for your car. Plus, you'll need this style cap to fit certain aftermarket radiators that don't come with a cap, such as KOYO! Please note that this cap does NOT fit OEM radiators. This is for aftermarket radiators only.