RedLine Synthetic Oil Service Package 10w40

RedLine Synthetic Oil Service Package 10w40
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RedLine Synthetic Oil Service Package 10w40
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Trouble finding the right oil and filter in your area? Insist on only the best for your engine! This kit comes with six (6) quarts of RedLine 10W-40 synthetic oil. We recommend running an extra quart in the sump, as oil may leak or burn up over time on older vehicles like ours. It is also strongly recommended to run at least 6 quarts if you run an aftermarket oil cooler setup, such as our own.

While you're changing your oil filter, now would be the perfect time to get an oil filter relocation kit that would turn the burden and hassle of replacing the poorly located stock filter to somewhere more accessible!

10w-40 is the best choice for engines that typically run high oil temperature, or for engines in daily-driven vehicles regularly operated in hot weather. Great for medium and heavy duty gasoline engines, or even in trucks. Best choice for high-performance engines that see street/strip or track activity! Features a thicker oil film at operating temperature than a petro-based 20w-50.