SupraStore 2JZ Timing Service Kit

SupraStore 2JZ Timing Service Kit
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SupraStore 2JZ Timing Service Kit
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To make life easy, we are now offering comprehensive maintenance kits for your Supra!

This kit includes:
☼ Gates Racing or HKS 2JZ timing belt
☼ Titan Motorsports or PHR billet tensioner bracket
☼ OEM Toyota timing belt tensioner

The OEM cast tensioner bracket on 2JZs has been known to succumb to fatigue, crack, and break, especially on cars with high lift cams and stiff valve springs. As these cars get older, they only get more at risk of failure, so we always recommend upgrading to one of these brackets, especially if you have the front part of the engine off anyways!

We have also added dropdown menu options for optional (but recommended) parts that should be replaced under regular maintenance, and to save time from having to tear down the engine again to install them later.

As always, if there's anything in particular you're looking for, let us know!