RPS Billet Carbon Triple Disc Clutch 1993-1998 Toyota Supra

RPS Billet Carbon Triple Disc Clutch 1993-1998 Toyota Supra
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RPS Billet Carbon Triple Disc Clutch 1993-1998 Toyota Supra

RPS Billet Carbon Triple Disc Clutch 1993-1998 Toyota Supra
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I remember when Rob at RPS was first developing the carbon series clutches. We were sitting at a restaurant and Las Vegas talking about the merits of a multi-plate carbon carbon based clutch. The Supra drag racing scene was just starting to evolve to lower 10 second cars and moving quickly towards 9's (6 speeds are mid 8's now).

The problem with most all of the Japanese clutches, especially the multi-disks is they were designed for road cars, not cars that had to slip the clutch hard to launch in a drag race like the Supra. The Japanese clutches were expanding significantly due to the incorrect disk material for drag racing and then they would bind up making shifting hard or impossible when hot.

This inspired Rob to build the Carbon Carbon series of dual and triple plate clutches. This is a great clutch for our UK, European and Australian Supra owners as it has an incredibly long service life, is completely rebuildable and is awesome in daily-driving as well.

Are you making more than 800 ft. lbs of torque on your Supra? Are you tired of clutches that wear out? Tired of a clutch that can't handle the big power curve of your turbo? Don't want to spend $5,000 on a Tilton that's known to wear out in 2,500 street miles?

RPS's Patent Pending Carbon-Carbon Triple Disc clutch and flywheel offers us high HP guys the final word in clutch technology!

This clutch is proven to hold over 1,200 ft.lbs of torque. Its virtually indestructable, its completely rebuildable should you ever be able to wear it out, and you can drive it like a stock clutch!

This is a dream clutch for a hard core drag racer. This is also a dream clutch for a daily driver. How can it be both? The answer is in the carbon. The pedal pressure is slightly heavier than stock and its completely slippable. In fact, the hotter it gets the more power it holds! Hardcore slipping does not glaze the discs...all because its carbon!

The price includes:

Billet Pressure Plate - this is NOT an OEM plate that has been treated. This is a new pressure plate designed from the ground up, and only 15% stiffer than stock. RPS chrome-moly steel flywheel that will take the abuse your big turbo hands out.

All small parts necessary for installation: Throwout (release) bearing, pilot bearing, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, small snap ring, and large snap ring. RPS�s patent-pending Triple Carbon discs with a floater plate in between each disc. Everything needed to convert to a push-style clutch - an internal slave cylinder and special throw-out bearing. Braided bleeder and clutch line