Torque Converter - 3200 rpm Stall -

Torque Converter - 3200 rpm Stall -
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Torque Converter - 3200 rpm Stall -
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We have the IDENTICAL torque as the other guys are selling for $1200+, with the exact internal mods with new bearings and a modified impeller angle to create a 3200 rpm stall on the factory converter. This torque converter is suitable for stock, BPU, and small single turbo cars.

A torque converter upgrade is one of the very BEST ways to increase performance in your automatic Supra. Automatic Supra owners are seeing up to a half-second reduction in 1/4 mile ET's!!! These are daily-driver torque converters and come with a full ONE YEAR guarantee.

Available immediately. We ship your converter immediately upon order and require your old converter in exchange. A core charge of $400 applies until return of your unit.