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SupraStore Nissan Z33 Z34 350Z 370Z CD009 1JZ 2JZ 7M 6 Speed Transmission Conversion Adapter

SupraStore Nissan Z33 Z34 350Z 370Z CD009 1JZ 2JZ 7M 6 Speed Transmission Conversion Adapter

Item #SS-JZ-6ZAPv2
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QuarterMaster TOB (required)
Single disc Flywheel+ARP bolts
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Official release has finally arrived for our Nissan CD trans (from the Nissan 350Z and 370Z, as well as Infiniti G35 and G37) to JZ engine adapter (all 1JZ, 2JZ-GE, and 2JZ-GTE engines)! While currently the adapter, TOB kit, and multi-plates clutch solutions are the only items released for this package, we are now working on a complete SC/Mk4 and IS300/Altezza install kit. This kit will also fit the 7M, however we do not have flywheel solutions for that application.

Clutch options:
As of right now, we have twin disc (7.25" or 8.5") and triple disc (7.25" only) QuarterMaster clutches currentlyavailable. The single disc options are "off the shelf" Nissan 300ZX turbo clutches (90-96), however they will require our proprietary flywheel. In either case, you will need the Quarter Master QMI or RAM T56 internal slave cylinder/hydraulic throw out release bearing.

With this adapter, you will use an internal hydraulic throw out bearing/slave cylinder (optionally included with the kit, as well as hardware) and the 1JZ to R154 bellhousing (for version 1, not included, optional extra) or the version 2 uses the factory automatic A340E/A341E 2JZ bellhousing.

In most cases, you will most likely not have to do any clearancing of the chassis, as you will need to cut off the Nissan bell housing (which is non-removeable/non-serviceable) and replace the front cover with this adapter and the JZ-R154 bell (version 1) or the auto JZ bell with the revised version 2.

The JZ-R bellhousing is for version 1 of this design, which will either require radial clearancing for a full size Z32 single disc clutch to fit, or you will need to use our Quarter Master multi disc solutions. The bellhousing needs a minor clearancing for the shift rod to move forward, which is compensated for on our adapter plate. This is simple and straightforward. Without doing this, your bellhousing will not sit flush on the adapter.

Version 2 uses the JZ automatic bellhousing.

Expect a few of our SupraStore project cars to be equipped with these as well!

This will fit all versions of this transmission (CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, CD009, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, and 1EA0B), both 350Z and 370Z. Regardless of if yours has an internal or external slave cylinder setup (Nissan swapped to an internal later on), you will use our kit parts to make it easy and simple. This transmission has been proven to handle over 1000rwhp without opening it up!

We have included in-progress pictures of the transmission kit. Please note that the transmission itself is not included.

Version 1 will also work on 7Ms! We have at least one customer with a 7MGTE that has successfully installed this plate and 6 speed to his engine, however we do not currently have any plans to offer any further 7M specific parts for the conversion (such as flywheels). We can supply a twin/triple disc QuarterMaster clutch setup that include a button flywheel, which will need to be drilled for the 7M crank's bolt pattern.

Included with purchase on this listing: ☼ Adapter plate with hardware to install
☼ Quill tube for mounting the hydraulic throw out bearing
☼ Pilot bushing adapter, with bushing installed
☼ Throw out bearing (optionally)

Q: What will I need to complete the swap?
A: You will need
☼ This adapter plate
☼ Nissan 6 speed manual from the 350Z, 370Z, G35, or G37
- If you are going to use a single disc clutch, you will need any Z32 turbo off the shelf (that we can provide and stock). You will also need our custom flywheel. The W55, W58, R154, V160, etc. flywheels do NOT fit. You can use the version 1 adapter plate with a single disc clutch, however, you will need to make clearances on the R154 bellhousing for it to rotate.
- If your application will need a twin or triple disc clutch, you will not use our custom flywheel. We offer the Quarter Master solutions, which use a button flywheel and require the factory auto flex plate to use as a ring gear to engage the starter. Version 1 of this kit will have no issues using this clutch.

You will also need the following chassis specific parts:
☼ Custom shifter (that we are working on for the IS, SC, MkIV, and MkIII chassis')
☼ Driveshaft
☼ Crossmember/transmission mount and bracket
-If you have an auto trans you're replacing, you will also need the clutch pedal, master cylinder, and clutch lines.


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