Toyota Supra MkIII Turbo A Door Decal

Toyota Supra MkIII Turbo A Door Decal
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Toyota Supra MkIII Turbo A Door Decal
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Discontinued!! We may come across some in the future, but don't count on it!

In 1988, the fastest Japanese car ever made was the Toyota Supra Turbo A. With only 500 made for homologation (all in Japan for one year only), this has always been an incredibly rare car. All 500 Turbo A models were black with black leather interior, black sawblade wheels, the 89+ body parts (trim, front bumper, tail lights, etc.), an exclusive "Turbo A" duct in the front bumper, and some engine upgrades making around 267 HP.

As you may know, pretty much all Turbo A specific parts are long discontinued. Fortunately, we have been able to source the last few, however! This is a BNIB OEM Toyota decal that goes on the doors. You can imagine how hard to come by these things are.