TRD Engine Mount Replacement Megan Racing Toyota Supra MKIV 93-96
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TRD Engine Mount Replacement Megan Racing Toyota Supra MKIV 93-96
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Megan Racing is now taking on the Supra by unveiling a series of performance parts. These latest generation internal polymer harden motor mounts are constructed of the latest resins to give a more solid connection between the Drive-train and the chassis. The OEM bushings are constructed of soft rubber for comfort and are now aged 15+ years; these can easily tear and cause severe damage to the motor and transmission. With upgraded motor and transmission mounts you get a more direct feel with the drive-train that is noticeable during acceleration and turning.

We have found them to be equal to the hard to find and often expensive TRD engine mounts.


- Designed for 1993-1995.5 Toyota Supra

- Increased stability during cornering and acceleration

- 5th Gen Elastomer technology exceeds that even of the TRD engine mounts. Harden Rubber Compound reduces Engine Torque twist and offers a more direct connection between the Drive-train and Chassis

If your car is produced after 95.5 you will need the 93-95 engine brackets, just like if you are using the TRD mounts. Please note the factory metal brackets have been discontinued, so you will have to find a used set for them to fit your application

You will receive:

Two Megan Racing Engine mounts, which are designed using factory mounts with the latest internal polymer mounting elastomers.