Ultimate 2JZ MLS Head Gasket Kit!

Ultimate 2JZ MLS Head Gasket Kit!
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Ultimate 2JZ MLS Head Gasket Kit!
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Unbeatable deal! Use only the best parts for your 2JZ build, and get it all from the best! Kit includes:

☼ SupraStore 1.3mm Stopper Metal Head Gasket
☼ Gates Racing Timing belt
☼ ARP Head Stud Kit

We have also added options for popular extras. If you're going to be doing a head gasket, you're going to want to include most of the items in the drop-down menus, saving you the trouble of tearing your build back down to do them later.

What our customers love is we bring you the best there is, at a great value. Here are the details on the head gasket that is revolutionizing the 2JZ world...

As you know the factory 2JZ head gasket is quite robust, but there is nothing that holds boost like the STOPPER designs. The problem has always been that GReddy and HKS had a lock on this market and could charge what they want!

NOT ANY LONGER! We have available immediately Japanese manufactured in Japan, not Japanese manufactured in China or Thailand or Pakistan, but in Japan 4-Layer Metal Head Gaskets 1.3mm thick with the proven STOPPER layer at an affordable price.

Explain the difference between the 3-layer version and this 4-layer and the advantages. The 4 layer version allows for thinner layers, far improving heat dissipation as there are more layers to absorb the heat. Rigidity, durability and thermal transfer characteristics far exceed standard MLS head gaskets.

How does the STOPPER layer work? The stainless steel .015mm thick STOPPER layer features a precision "fold" which encircles the cylinders creating an additional load point for the combustion chambers. In English??? The STOPPER layers STOPS combustion gassed from escaping in the best means possible, period!

What about the top and bottom layers? They are active control layers are micro-embosses pre-coated steel that micro-seal engine fluids at the most disciplined level possible.

The center layer? Made out of steel, precision manufactured with the main purpose to set an accurate overall thickness tolerance for the entire gasket. This ensures even distribution of pressure in the most accurate means possible.

SupraStore SPEC 1.3mm 2JZGTE Head Gasket

1.3mm Thickness

4 Layer Stopper Specification Version

87.0mm Bore (works with all bores from 86mm to 87mm)

7.73cc Volume per Cylinder

Our head gasket is being used by major 2JZ engine builders all over the USA, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, UK, Canada, New Zealand and even in the former Soviet States and in many nations in Europe!! Used on the ProShop 8.1 second drag Supra out of Abu Dhabi!