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Pro Street Supra 2JZGE NA-T Turbo Kit - 400-600HP - Borg Warner or Precision Turbo, Tial, Titan, K&N *Free Shipping!!
Pro Street Supra 2JZGE NA-T Turbo Kit - 400-600HP - Borg Warner or Precision Turbo, Tial, Titan, K&N *Free Shipping!!Pro Street Supra 2JZGE NA-T Turbo Kit - 400-600HP - Borg Warner or Precision Turbo, Tial, Titan, K&N *Free Shipping!!Pro Street Supra 2JZGE NA-T Turbo Kit - 400-600HP - Borg Warner or Precision Turbo, Tial, Titan, K&N *Free Shipping!!

Free Shipping to Lower 48 US States! Add a complete custom intercooler kit for $1250! Toyota Supra MKIV Non-Turbo to Turbo Conversion Kit!!!

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Compressor Options
Turbine Housing Coating
Ceramic Manifold Coating
K&N Intake Filter
BOV Style
Boost Control Solenoid
Dump Tube 'Screamer Pipe'
Turbo Hardware
T-Shirt Size
Manifold-to-Head Gaskets
Short Exhaust Studs
Engine Management
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Our ProSeries, the 2JZGE (NA-T) Turbo Kit is fitted with only the best parts, period. ProSeries turbo kits are available in Stages (1-4) and also are available with various ProSeries manifold configurations: Divided Manifold, Un-Divided Manifold, Twin Scroll Manifold (dual-gate), Quick Spool Valve Manifold & T6 Manifold.

We looked at anything and everything from old school Japanese kits (outdated, horrible spooling turbos, expensive!!) to some competitors (no name brands and still expensive!) and were not satisfied, so we built our own 500HP 2JZ turbo kit with our specifications, Precision or Borg Warner Turbos, TiAL or Precision Wastegates, ProSeries Turbo Manifold, and the Titan Motorsports Oil Feed/Drain Set-Up Kit.

The idea behind this kit is simple. The building blocks to convert the factory non-turbo 2JZGE engine to single turbo power! If you prefer we can install smaller turbos for those that only need 400-600hp. The factory 2JZGE non-turbo engine used in the Supra, SC300, GS300 (Aristo), and IS300 is a capable motor for a single turbo conversion in its stock format. Max power with no other changes (larger injectors, 1.3mm head gasket or engine management) is approximately 330 HP. 330 HP can be achieved at around 9-10psi with this turbo. Additional power will require supporting modifications.

It uses the best products, make as much usable power as possible and offer the lowest cost possible. Oh, and of course make most all of the power while still using premium pump gas (all engines must be tuned by a professional on the fuel you are using to have best results). It starts building boost strongly between 3,150 and 3,750 rpm's and pulls hard all the way to red line. You will be shocked how hard this hits and how easy it is to drive. Drives as good, if not better than stock, except it rips off turbo power!

The kit utilizes the ProSeries in-house developed 304 stainless steel turbo manifold (available in both T3 and T4 designs). This is not some cheap China made manifold, but a TIG welded, jigged ProSeries design and comes with the wastegate flange pre-welded and ready to bolt on the TiAL or Precision 38/39mm gate (your choice and included!).

Our current preference on the waste gate is Precision Turbo's, as it is more robust, lower profile, and includes all the various waste gate springs at no additional cost. Rock-stable boost control on both. This is the largest turbo we run with this size gate.

We worked together with our turbo masters at both Borg Warner and Precision Turbo (USA designed and built) and our 15 years of 2JZ experience to spec a world-class turbo, from a world-class manufacturer that is an entry-level design, robust, makes power and is easy to service.

Borg Warner and Precision Turbo are powering many of the worlds' fastest Supras and other cars, and is manufactured in the USA. The turbo supplied here is a Precision 59MFS (V-Band) and is mounted to the turbo manifold via a 4 bolt T4 flange. We also include the Titan Motorsports oil return and feed line set-up kit to help you get started (same kit for 1300 HP turbos).

* ProSeries Street Kit is designed as a FAST spool (like stock twins) Single Turbo Upgrade *

With this kit, you will receive:

(1) ProSeriesTubular 2JZGE T4 304SS Stainless Turbo Manifold

(1) Wastegate Flange Pre-Welded to Manifold

(1) Precision 58MM journal bearing turbocharger

(1) TiAL or Precision 38/39mm Waste Gate

(1) Titan Oil Feed & Return Set-Up Kit

(1) Direct Fit K&N Conical Air Filter

(1) TiAL or HKS Style BOV

As with all single turbo kits, you will need a midpipe (after down pipe) to connect to your exhaust and one intercooler tube to go from turbo to your current intercooler. If you need a downpipe, no problem, we can build one for you.

Turbo Spec. Precision Turbo Engineering - Competition Engineering Aerodynamics CEA BILLET

58mm MFS Precision Turbo

Note: We can supply almost any turbo with our kits, so if you have a strong preference, let us know. Borg Warner, COMP, Garrett, PHR, Bullseye, Master Power, Boost Lab, Turbonetics, etc. Main picture shows 2JZ-GTE manifold. 2JZ-GE Non-Turbo manifold is shown in the second photo.

Titan down pipe is shown in picture, but is optional at additional cost.


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