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TRD LSD Differential 1993-2001 Toyota Supra 6 Speed and Auto SC300 Soarer

TRD LSD Differential 1993-2001 Toyota Supra 6 Speed and Auto SC300 Soarer

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The stock differential assembly is a torque sensing unit. Although Toyota built a great differential, TRD has designed a better one.

The TRD differential for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra is a true limited slip with clutch packs and will work better in a drag racing, road racing or just plain street environment. TRD didn't stop there when they made this unit, they built it with much beefier spider gears inside to withstand the added abuse of high HP Supras. This is the perfect unit for high HP Street Supras.

All USA(export EURO as well) spec 6 speed cars will have larger 220mm B series Diff, as well as the 93-96 USA and EURO spec. If you have a USA spec 97-98 Automatic you will need the Special size to fit your Supra, available in the drop down menu. If you have a JDM Supra that is 96.5-2001 you will need the Smaller size as well to fit your rear housing, available in the drop down menu.
Application: All single turbo Supras, Power over 600hp, Drag Racers (mandatory) Gear Ratio: 3.26:1 (factory replacement) Clutch Pack Torque Transfer System w/ 1:1 Wheel Lock-Up Rate Differential Fluids: Toyota 75W/140 or Royal Purple 75W/90 Friction Modifyer Fluid: GM LSD Additive (one bottle) TRD LSD Break-In: 200 miles if possible. If not, find an open parking lot and spend 30 minutes doing slow to moderate speed figure-8's to break-in. Last picture is 6 speed differential with install kit.
1. In making the switch from the standard Torsen rear-end to the TRD LSD, the initial feel can be some slight binding until the rear end breaks in. We noticed that without a friction additive like the GM LSD additive there can be more noise in the rear-end (not good). Overall driving performance feels similar to the factory unit, but hard launching performance is a noticeable improvement with the 1:1 axle ratio lock-up. In short, both wheels spin at the same rate, unlike the Torsen which can apply up to a 5:1 ratio of torgue to one-axle over the other based upon wheel slippage sensing. This is a MUST for higher hp Supra's and those that drag race. Proven far more robust then the already very good Supra rear end. Bad. Very limited supply with a possible end in production any-day. If you see one buy it! 2. We installed this and did use a Redline friction modifier, didn't notice any noise like the other reviewer. Who knows how long Toyota will continue making these for a 18 year old car.
TRD LSD Differential International Shipment
Price includes the TRD LSD Differential listed above and shipping to the UK, Most of Europe and Australia. We will advise prior to charging your credit card if your particular location has a surchage.

Please select 6 speed or automatic turbo from drop down menu.
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TRD LSD Supra 6 Speed Install Kit
When you replace your factory Torsen with a TRD LSD, or any other for that matter, it would be wise to replace the bearing pair and o-rings. We have put together a simple package for this using genuine OEM Toyota parts and the Toyota FIPG (gasket sealer extraodinaire).
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