Stage 3 - 2JZ-GTE Street/Race Shortblock for Toyota Supra MKIV Titan
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Stage 3 - 2JZ-GTE Street/Race Shortblock for Toyota Supra MKIV Titan
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Everything that is done to the Stage 2 Shortblock is done + 1/2 inch Studs. We can custom order pistons for your specific application whether this is a race only motor or a recreational street driven car.

We also have many additional options which are included in the race motor. Special bearings spec'ed out to special clearances depending on your application.

A special oiling system is designed around or for your application to increase oil pressure at high RPM's which is critical to good engine life.

We also fortify the block with our custom main caps which are much stronger then the stock cast units. We also have special ARP head studs made for those who truely wish to turn the boost up above standard levels. Our motors are built to last at 35+ psi of boost.

When you decide to go with a race motor, think to yourself who is racing every weekend and winning. We are the only shop seen that is racing and winning every weekend. That requires reliability in all aspecs of the motor, we don't intend for you to race and win once, we want you to do it time and time again.

Remember this is the home of the World's Fastest Street Supra and World's Fastest 2JZ-powered Sport Compact.