2JZGTE Supra Cylinder Head Stage 1 by Titan

2JZGTE Supra Cylinder Head Stage 1 by Titan
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2JZGTE Supra Cylinder Head Stage 1 by Titan
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This head has all the bells and whistles done to the valvetrain and is a great upgrade for someone using a stock shortblock or a mildly prepped shortblock. This head is designed to bolt on with no special service required for installation that is different then a stock head.

We first start with a core head (slightly damaged heads will be assed a repair charge) and upgrade all the parts from there.

The head is tore down and all stock parts removed, then its bathed in an acid solution to remove all dirt, oil and residue that is left behind so that you essentially have a new core. The surface is then checked for straightness and decked accordingly. Usually no more then 5 thousandths’ is taken off so a stock head gasket or aftermarket head gasket of your choice can be used.

Now the buildup begins. Start with a thorough port and polish to the whole cylinder head. Then we use all Ferrea valvetrain components because their parts are considered the best on the market and have been thoroughly tested by Titan to hold up to the rigors of racing abuse. We then check all valve guides to be up to spec, any that are not have new ones replaced, the valves are cut and matched to each individual seat that they are to be mated to. We use all new springs, titanium retainers, new locks and keepers, and stock sized stainless steel valves.

This full buildup has been tested to produce 30-40 rear wheel horsepower in a Toyota Supra.