DISCONTINUED AEM EMS V2 Plug n Play ECU Package 2JZGTE VVT-i Auto or Manual

DISCONTINUED AEM EMS V2 Plug n Play ECU Package 2JZGTE VVT-i Auto or Manual
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DISCONTINUED AEM EMS V2 Plug n Play ECU Package 2JZGTE VVT-i Auto or Manual
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Unfortunately, these kits have been discontinued. Please check out our AEM Infinity options below!

Feedback from all over the world is the same. SupraStore you have done it! It works great right out of the box and everything is controlled!!

We are proud to introduce the first AEM plug n play, turnkey fully programmable EMS system for the VVT-i Supra and Aristo owners in the world!!

This is a long time coming and has required extensive research, as well as internal modifications (fully warranted) to support VVT-i control and all other factory features. For years our customers have been asking for this, as they were forced to buy $4000+ systems with patch-work harnesses.

As you know the AEM EMS V2 is world renown and has more Supra's running on it than ALL OTHER EMS systems in the world combined. The factory 98+ Turbo 2JZGTE engines all employ Toyota's latest VVT-i technology, which could be programmed before with the AEM, but only through a series of complex and custom programs before now. It also, had to be hard wired in, because the 98+ Supra's/Aristos that are VVT-i run a 5-piece ECU connector system, unlike the 3-piece on the standard 1993-1998 Supra 2JZGTE engines.

No one has ever made a custom harness for this for the AEM until now. This plugs directly in, with no wires to cut, for a truly plug-n-play install.

All the features of the AEM EMS V2! While this unit only powers high impedance injectors (like Injector Dynamics), it can power low impedance units with a resistor pack from Toyota.

Please note that although the AEM controls the tune fully, you will need to keep the stock ECU which works in conjunctions with the T harness to retain certain features, such as multiplex, ABS, drive-by-wire throttle, and automatic transmission control.

Please allow up to 7 days for shipment, as we build the harnesses to order.

What You Receive:

(1) AEM EMS V2 Engine Management System

(1) SupraStore.com Custom VVT-i 2JZGTE adapter T harness (plugs into factory plugs)

(1) Map Sensor. Choose 3.5 bar or 5 bar from menu

(1) Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor

(1) Base Start-Up Map

Remote custom tuning programs are available for optional cost.