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Technology sure has come a long way! We recommend the MAP ECU below over these options; though they are currently still available, we cannot guarantee that for long.

Looking to get more power out of your GTE? Then upgrade to this package to eliminate your fuel cut and achieve higher boost levels! Our Electronic Package includes a Boost Cut Controller, GReddy Profec B Spec 2, and a the new Apex-i Neo fuel controller. Why do you need a GReddy BCC? Toyota has built into their factory ECU's a boost limiting design which is activated when a boost pressure of greater than approximately 14psi (.96bar) is reached.

In order to defeat the boost-cut from the factory computer GReddy has built the BCC (boost cut controller), a simple yet effective device which eliminates boost cut on Supra's running higher boost.

If you are looking for a boost controller with more features than the GReddy PRofec B, you can UPGRADE to the Apexi AVC-R boost controller on our drop down menu for an additional cost.