Garrett GTX3076R Twin-Scroll HELL-RAISER 1JZGTE Turbo Kit 550HP- Titan, TIAL, Garrett, ProSeries Divided * Free Shipping!

Garrett GTX3076R Twin-Scroll HELL-RAISER 1JZGTE Turbo Kit 550HP- Titan, TIAL, Garrett, ProSeries Divided * Free Shipping!
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Garrett GTX3076R Twin-Scroll HELL-RAISER 1JZGTE Turbo Kit 550HP- Titan, TIAL, Garrett, ProSeries Divided * Free Shipping!

Garrett GTX3076R Twin-Scroll HELL-RAISER 1JZGTE Turbo Kit 550HP- Titan, TIAL, Garrett, ProSeries Divided * Free Shipping!
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When you take our amazing ProSeries turbo kits by and dual-engineer it to produce wicked performance results, while using a Garrett GT Twin Scroll, R-Series Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger, you create what we call our Hell-Raiser Turbo kits.

Hell-RAISER and ProSeries, 1JZGTE Turbo Kit is fitted with only the best parts, period. As you know by now, no one in the world builds a comprehensive 1JZ high-mount, divided manifold, dual scroll turbo kit for a value, no one! So, what did we do? We designed one ourselves!

HELL-RAISER turbo kits are "designed-around" our amazing ProSeries turbo manifold, which are available in many different configurations to host either twin scroll or single scroll Garrett Turbos: Divided Manifold, Un-Divided Manifold, Twin Scroll Dual Gated, Quick Spool Valve Manifold ,T3 and T4 designs. This kit is a T3 twin scroll, V-band with a 1.06 A/R

Why did we build our own kits?? Easy. If you have ever looked the Japanese kits (outdated, blah turbos, expensive!!) to some competitors (no name brands and expensive!)and were not satisfied, so we built our own kit.

It has our specifications, Genuine Garrett GT!! Dual Ball Bearing Turbos, Tial or Precision Wastegates, SS ProSeries 304SS Divided Turbo Manifold and the Titan Motorsports Oil Feed/Drain Set-Up Kit.

The idea behind this kit is simple. Garrett's new GT 550HP, dual ball bearing, quick spool turbo, total daily driver power band in the 1JZ motor.

It uses the best products, make as much usable power as possible and offer the lowest cost possible. Like I said above, total daily driver. Cruise at 350hp at and bump up the boost to 28psi and it rips off 550hp!

The kit utilizes the ProSeries in-house developed 304 stainless steel T3 divided turbo manifold. Divided manifolds are designed to take advantage of twin-scroll turbos, which is what you get with our kit.

For the 1JZ we offer both the standard 1JZ design and VVT-i, so no one is left out! This is not some cheap China made manifold, but a TIG welded, jigged ProSeries design and comes with the wastegate flange pre-welded and ready to bolt on the Tial or Precision 44/46mm gate (your choice and included!).

For those of you, who want the ultimate in boost control, we have available as an option the ONLY turbo kit in the world that offers the ProSeries manifold in a divided, TWIN GATE configuration.

If you desire to run a twin gate, we can configure it with either dual TIAL or Precision 44/46mm gates or in all honesty, all you will really need is either dual TIAL or Precision 38mm/39mm gates to divide up those exhaust pulses properly and control boost. Select either set-up in the drop down menu!

Hey Mark! Do we really need DUAL GATED manifolds and DUAL waste gates, with this kit? You do not, but there are those our there, who want the best of the best and something magical to look at, as well.

While we prefer (ever so slightly) Precision Turbo Gates, the choice between TIAL and Precision is a NO-LOSE for you. Both hold boost control outstandingly well.

We worked together with our turbo masters at Garrett(USA designed and built) and our 15 years of 2JZ experience to spec a world class Garrett Dual Ball Bearking turbo, from a world-class manufacturer.

Garrett are powering many of the worlds' fastest Supra's and other cars, and is manufactured in the USA.

* Garrett HELL-RAISER ProSeries Kit is designed as a daily driver, that spools at 2,900-3,200 rpms, and reaches full boost at 3,500 rpm - Single Turbo Upgrade *

Okay what do you receive:

(1) ProSeries Tubular T3 304SS Stainless Divided (dual scroll) Turbo Manifold (1JZ or 1JZ VVT-i - select in drop down menu)

(1) Wastegate Flanged Pre-Welded to Manifold

(1) Garrett GTX Dual Ball Bearing GT3076R V-Band Turbocharger (optional GTX35R)

(1) Tial or Precision 44/46mm Waste Gate V-Band

(1) SS 610 Blow Off Valve (Tial Style)

(1) Dump/Screamer Tube Atmospheric V-Band

(1) Titan Oil Feed & Return Set-Up Kit

(1) Direct Fit Conical Air Filter

You will notice that this package is not sporting a down pipe. The reason we have done this is simple. We figure, most customers can have a down pipe made in just about most cities in the world. If you need a down pipe, no problem, we can fabricate one for you.

As with all single turbo kits, you will need a midpipe (after down pipe) to connect to your exhaust (not provided), but hey, truly any fabricator or higher-end exhaust shop can build this, and one intercooler tube to go from turbo to your current intercooler.

Turbo Specs - Garrett Turbo by Honeywell

GT3076R (aka 3037) Dual Ball Bearing

T3 Flanged Inlet


External Wastegate

3" V-Band Outlet

A/R: 1.06 A/R or .82 A/R (500 HP)