ProSeries Turbo Kit with Borg Warner S366 ETT 2JZGTE or 1JZGTE 800HP-950HP * Free Shipping!!
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ProSeries Turbo Kit with Borg Warner S366 ETT 2JZGTE or 1JZGTE 800HP-950HP * Free Shipping!!
ProSeries Turbo Kit with Borg Warner S366 ETT 2JZGTE or 1JZGTE 800HP-950HP * Free Shipping!!
ProSeries Turbo Kit with Borg Warner S366 ETT 2JZGTE or 1JZGTE 800HP-950HP * Free Shipping!!

ProSeries Turbo Kit with Borg Warner S366 ETT 2JZGTE or 1JZGTE 800HP-950HP * Free Shipping!!
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AS AN ADDED BONUS, ALL PRO SERIES TURBO KITS NOW COME WITH A SUPRASTORE T-SHIRT!! is proud to introduce the industries First Borg Warner based Supra Turbo Kit for the 1993-2002 Supra Turbo!!! These turbos have a cult following around the world for making amazing power at affordable prices, we bring it to you first!!

Named after the ultra-rare 1998 US Spec Supra color, ProSeries, the 2JZGTE Turbo Kit is fitted with only the best parts, period (or if you are British, "full-stop"). All expertly engineered by

ProSeries turbo kits are available in configurations to meet the many varying needs of our global customer base, from fast street cars, to drag cars and drifters. All are designed around our amazing ProSeries manifold configurations: Divided Manifold, Un-Divided Manifold, Twin Scroll Manifold (dual-gate), Quick Spool Valve Manifold & T6 Manifold.

Why have we built ProSeries Turbo Kits? Well, we looked at anything and everything from old school Japanese kits (outdated, horrible spooling turbos, expensive!!) to some competitors (some name brands and over-priced!) and were not satisfied, so we built our own kit.

Why? Simple, it has our specifications, Precision, Garrett, Borg Warner, Bullseye, Turbonetics, Boost Lab, COMP Turbos; TiAL or Precision Wastegates, SS ProSeries 304SS Turbo Manifold, Titan Motorsports hand-fabricated down pipes and Titan Oil Feed/Drain Set-Up Kit.

The idea behind this kit is simple. 800 RWHP, with a kick-butt mid and top end! A genuine Borg Warner Twin Scroll Turbo mounted on a ProSeries Divided T4 Manifold. It uses the best products, make as much usable power as possible, and offer the lowest cost. A custom world-class turbo kit for under $2600 and it uses nothing but TOP QUALITY parts!

These ProSeries kits are designed for BW turbos, so if you have another Borg Warner or even a Bullseye turbo, we can build it around that. Typically you will only pay the price difference in the turbos', unless there is a bit more more involved.

The kit utilizes the ProSeries in-house developed 304 stainless steel T4 turbo manifold. This is not some cheap China made manifold, but a TIG welded, jig formed ProSeries design and comes with the wastegate flange pre-welded and ready to bolt on the TiAL or Precision 44/46mm gate (your choice and included!). If you want a larger gate, as you feel more comfortable at 800 HP, we can upgrade you for just a few bucks more.

This Borg Warner S366 ETT, is designed around the ideas of the largest turbo manufacturer in the world, Borg Warner.

Yes, our ProSeries turbo manifold for the 2JZGTE 1993-2002 Supra clears the number one manifold runner, yes, it clears the shock tower and YES, it clears the stock hood with no spacers, and we can even build a Quick Spool Valve version that fits as well (for a few $ more)!

Billet wheel option is a Forged Billet Compressor wheel, 11 blade State of the Art design, boosting Peak HP to an amazing 950 HP!! All that power in the compact S366 frame. Great spool and even greater power!

Please note that not all turbos will have all of the turbine housing fitment options. We will contact you if there's an issue with your selection.

With this kit, you will receive:

(1) ProSeries T4 Divided 2JZGTE Turbo Manifold

(1) Selected turbo from above, one of the most popular being Borg Warner S366 T4 S366SX3

(1) TiAL or Precision Wastegate

(1) Titan Oil Drain and Return Line

Borg Warner S366 Extended Tip Technology:

This turbo uses a twin scroll divided T4 flange .91 A/R turbine housing

Compressor wheel - 66.11mm/91.44mm 80lbs/min

Turbine wheel - 80mm/73mm

Compressor inlet - 4" diameter with Ported Shroud

Compressor outlet - 3" diameter

Turbine Inlet - Divided T4 .91 A/R

Turbine Outlet - 3.5" V-band

BL366-HR Spec's 925HP

Wheel Dimensions: •Compressor: 66 mm BILLET BL-R Compressor Wheel • Turbine: 80mm inducer / 73mm exducer. Cast in Inconel 713 for high-temperature operation.


•Compressor: Standard Large 4.00" ported anti-surge air inlet / 3.00" charge pipe outlet

•Turbine: .91 A/R Twin Scroll, with T4, divided entry, and 4.21" Marmon discharge.