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GReddy eManage Ultimate

GReddy eManage Ultimate

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We have a few of these left in stock, contact us before ordering to make sure they are still available!

The eManage Ultimate is a great solution for those with the 2JZGE (non turbo) engine that have converted it to single turbo with larger injectors. It works!

Finally a product to truly replace the HKS VPC for aftermarket upgraded Supra's! Since the demise of the VPC from HKS, there has been a huge void to fill to meet the demands from Supra owners looking to a simpler approach to adding big injectors and turbo(s). Many simply do not want to change the factory ECU and move to a standalone. This is a solid solution for those from a world leader in electronics for imports, GReddy.

Greddy Performance Products introduces their newest piggyback engine management system, the e-Manage Ultimate!

The Greddy e-Manage Ultimate does what no other piggyback ECU can. Engineered to preserve the best features of the original e-Manage (economical price, no need for tuning from scratch, & compatible for most Japanese performance vehicles).

Some of the new features include:

The ability to both Add and Subtract on fuel and ignition maps
A toggle switch to shift between two sets of tuning maps (i.e. Street program or Race program)
Air/Fuel Target Map for self-tuning to speeding up initial tuning time
Increased number of input and output ports and numerous built in adapters
Various Correction Maps (for Acceleration, Speed, Temperature, Ignition, & A/T Trans)
Fouled Spark-Plug Cleaning Feature
Auxiliary Output Maps
A new extensive multi-channel datalogging system with map tracing for easy tuning
Includes the software Support Tool CD
Use of a speedy standard USB cable for tuning, monitoring, and datalogging
Ideal for optimizing and fine-tuning for performance products like exhaust, air intake, intercoolers, boost controllers and turbo upgrades, the e-Manage Ultimate and do it better than any other system on the market today.

NOTE: Be sure to select the appropriate harness that you will need from the accessories below.

GReddy eManage Ultimate 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Harness
As you are probably aware by now GReddy has long stopped manufacturing the Supra specific wiring harness for the eManage Ultimate.

Not to worry, as we have commissioned a Boeing wiring harness engineer to manufacture one. He has done 50+ of these and the great thing is they can be built for Japan Spec, UK Spec, Euro Spec or USA Spec 2JZGTE Supra's.

The option is to splice your eManage in yourself and save a few hundred bucks, that is for some, others, say, splice into my ECU wiring harness?? Are you out of your mind!
Regular price: $590.00
Sale price: $465.00
GReddy eManage Ultimate Harness Set
This is the complete harness set for the e-Manage Ultimate for new users. If you do NOT already have a Greddy e-Manage then you need this harness to work with your e-Manage Ultimate. It includes the 18-pin, 12-pin, and 14-pin connector harness.
GReddy Supplemental Harness
If you have a current e-Manage and want to upgrade to the e-Manage Ultimate then this is the supplement harness that you will need to purchase. This if for existing e-Manage users and includes the 14-pin connector harness.
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $41.00
Standard Map Based Program
Easy to use layout for all functions, air flow, injectors, etc.
Rev Limiter Map View
Rev limiter adjustment page shot. Truly a very functional unit this eManage Ultimate is.
Air Fuel Target Map
Features that only exist in a $2000 stand alone!
eManage Ultimate Wiring Diagram JDM 2JZGE
We have a wiring diagram which uses the standard harness for the eManage Ultimate owners with the JDM/JSPEC 2JZGE engine.

Email for this after purchase.


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