Toyota 1JZ 2JZ Timing Wheel with Welded Trigger Wheel
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Toyota 1JZ 2JZ Timing Wheel with Welded Trigger Wheel
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We take a new Toyota OEM timing wheel/sprocket and TIG weld the timing trigger wheel so that there is no separation of the two with high powered or older cars.

This has happened to quite a few cars over the years, including two of our cars. When the trigger wheel comes loose in the factory set-up, it moves out of position, immediately causing the engine to stop running, and throwing off the timing of the car.

It's located behind the crank pulley, so many people don't even know what has happened.

If you have a higher powered car or you are replacing your older factory crank pulley with a new one, we strongly recommend making this upgrade at the same time.

Never worry about that timing trigger wheel coming loose and stranding you, or ruining race day again!

Application: 1JZGTE & 2JZGTE engines (all). Does not fit VVT-i. VVT-i can be custom ordered and welded, please call or email.