XAT Racing 1UZ R154 Adapter Plate and Throwout Bearing Kit 2UZ 3UZ Toyota Lexus UZ V8 R150 R151 R150F R151F R155 R155F

XAT Racing 1UZ R154 Adapter Plate and Throwout Bearing Kit 2UZ 3UZ Toyota Lexus UZ V8 R150 R151 R150F R151F R155 R155F
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XAT Racing 1UZ R154 Adapter Plate and Throwout Bearing Kit 2UZ 3UZ Toyota Lexus UZ V8 R150 R151 R150F R151F R155 R155F
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This is an adapter plate to attach a Toyota R Series 5 Speed manual transmission to the 1UZFE, 2UZ or 3UZ Toyota or Lexus V8 powerhouse! Fully CNC Machined from 1 3/4" thick billet 6061-T6510 aircraft grade aluminum plate.

Please note that international shipping costs will vary by location, even from the dropdown menu price, depending on how complete the kit is that is ordered. Our automatic shipping calculator does not work properly for international orders

Kit includes all needed hardware, and the AN fittings for setting up the clutch line. We do not include the lines themselves, as each application will use different lines. Please inquire if you have a chassis with a popular swap, as we are likely able to provide the clutch line. You will also need a clutch/flywheel combo, the UZ auto bellhousing, and whichever other parts your chassis requires to make it all work. together Please contact us with your project details so we can set you up with the right parts you need!

As a quick recap: You will need the UZ V8 automatic bellhousing with this kit. You can use our "OEM style" or 11 lb chromoly flywheel with these kits if you plan to use a single disc clutch. Single disc clutches will need to be an SW20 MR-2 turbo. We have all sorts of available clutches, many in stock, at the bottom of the listing.

Which version will I need?
All R154 transmissions should have the long shaft. R150, R151, and R155 transmissions from 1996 and newer trucks (such as Tacoma 2nd generation) should also have the long shaft. We strongly recommend measuring before placing the order.

95 and earlier truck transmissions should have the short shaft. Again, we recommend double checking yours before ordering to avoid any confusion or mixup to avoid any restocking fees.

The longer shaft length is 7.25" from shaft to the case of the transmission itself (with the bearing retainer off). The shorter shaft version is about 30mm shorter, or roughly 6"

What this kit comes with:
☼ SupraStore XAT UZ R Series Adapter Plate
☼ Hardware needed to install plate
☼ New input shaft seal
☼ Throw out bearing with fittings (optional, but required)

You will also need:
Our flywheel: you can NOT use the R series flywheel with our kit. This will not fit the UZ engines. We have 2 separate flywheels that fit: OEM style budget and lightweight quick response. See below
UZ factory automatic bellhousing
R series transmission (R150, R151, R154)
Clutch/pressure plate: this will depend on planned HP goals and chassis usage as well as personal preference. We have a myriad of choices and brands available, many in stock
Clutch line: we do not include these with our kits, as this adapter plate will mate any UZ engine to a R series Toyota transmission from a 5 speed pickup or 87-92 Supra turbo. Please note that fitment differs slightly between the R150/R151 and R154 transmissions. Clutch line will depend on your chassis (LHD, RHD, or if it's a swap). We can provide a line as an optional extra if we you can provide the length and fittings needed

You may also need other manual conversion parts, depending on your chassis. Click here for clutch choices. Please keep in mind you may need to use a 3/4" bore master cylinder with this kit. The factory master cylinder may be enough, however it will ultimately depend on your application.

Flywheel options: budget, OEM style or lightweight race style

Bleeder Kit Options:
We also offer a bleeder line kit to make life much easier, instead of being stuck with having the bleeder fitting inside the bellhousing. This includes the fittings needed for a -4 AN setup to convert to. In most cases, the 10" line will be enough, but opting for something like the 36" line will give you the freedom of running the line anywhere. Anyone who has done this process on their back on the ground will agree that having it mounted in the engine bay instead with a quick twist makes life much easier!

Typically, the clutch hose for most applications should be 36" in total length (3 feet, about 1 yard/1 meter roughly). We can supply custom hoses with custom lengths as well, but for the majority of applications, 36" fits fine. Please contact us if you have a specific length you're looking for