Stage 6 1350 RWHP Kit Toyota 2JZGTE QuickSilver Bullseye Veyron Titan AEM Precision

Stage 6 1350 RWHP Kit Toyota 2JZGTE QuickSilver Bullseye Veyron Titan AEM Precision
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Stage 6 1350 RWHP Kit Toyota 2JZGTE QuickSilver Bullseye Veyron Titan AEM Precision
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Send to a Friend is proud to introduce the industries First Borg Warner based Supra Turbo Kit for the 1993-2002 Supra Turbo!!! Utilizing the Bullseye turbo, which has a cult following around the world for making "amazing" power at affordable prices, we bring it to you first!!

Named after the ultra-rare 1998 US Spec Supra color, QuickSilver, the 2JZGTE Turbo Kit is fitted with only the best parts, period.

Why have we built QuickSilver Turbo Kits? Well, we looked at anything and everything from old school Japanese kits (outdated, horrible spooling turbos, expensive!!) to some competitors (some name brands and over-priced!)and were not satisfied, so we built our own kit.

The idea behind this kit is simple. 1350rwhp, a kick-butt mid and top end. A Bullseye Twin Scroll Turbo mounted on a Quicksilver Divided T4 Manifold. It uses the best products, make as much usable power as possible and offer the lowest cost possible.

Hey Mark! We love the idea of building blocks on turbo kits, choose, only the best, but can we select another Bullseye or BW turbo like the EFR or other turbo? Of course!! Our QuickSilver Bullsye kits are designed for BW turbos, so if you have another Bullseye turbo, we can build it around that. Typically you will only pay the price difference in the turbos', unless there is a bit more more involved.

The kit utilizes the QuickSilver in-house developed 304 stainless steel T4 turbo manifold. This is not some cheap China made manifold, but a TIG welded, jigged QuickSilver design and comes with the wastegate flange pre-welded and ready to bolt on the Precision 66mm gate.

This Bullsey S383 turbo, is designed around the ideas of the largest turbo manufacturer in the world, Borg Warner.

Yes, our QuickSilver turbo manifold for the 2JZGTE 1993-2002 Supra clears the number one manifold runner, yes, it clears the shock tower and YES, it clears the stock hood with no spacers and we can even build a Quick Spool Valve version that fits as well (for a few $ more)

What you Receive:

(1) QuickSilver T4 Divided 2JZGTE Turbo Manifold

(1) Bullseye S383 Race Cover T4 V-Band Turbo 83mm Compressor (optional A/R) Divided

(1) Titan Motorsports 4" V-Band Down Pipe

(1) Precision Turbo 66mm Race Gate

(1) Titan Oil Drain and Return Line

(1) Plug n Play Fuel System Stage IV MagnaFuel 1600cc Kit

(1) AEM EMS V2 Kit (EMS, 5 Bar, IAT)

(1) Custom AEM Program for your car

Bullseye Specifications:

Compressor flow over 98 lb/min.

Will produce 1350rwhp.

Bullseye Power S383 Turbocharger, 83mm, Extended Tip Technology, Race cover 5.5" Inlet (9.5") T-4 .90, 1.00, 1.10 or 1.25 A/R 83mm TW 4" Outlet. The absolute latest in turbo technology, the extended tip S300 turbochargers.

The complete fuel kit has utterly revolutionized the market place! Firstly, our plug n play fuel system was an instant revolution. Pre-assembled everything from lines, fittings, pump assembly, everything ready to drop in, even the wiring harness and injectors are ready to go in the fuel rail.

Look at all of the competitors fuel systems, they are a box full of parts with a photo copied parts list. Are you kidding me? You are paying $2000 for a box of parts? We have sold more of these fuel kits than anyone on the planet and have them running in cars on all six inhabited continents on the freeking earth!

Are we satisfied? Heck no! So, we have upped� the ante to quote a familiar Texas Hold�em World-Series-of-Poker term and now friends of the Supra world, we are ALL IN with our Staged Complete Fuel Kits!!

Our goal is to offer the most complete, plug-n-play Supra fuel system upgrade ever invented, period (full-stop for you British English folks).

We have now flow tested everything, from a set-up that I guarantee you no other Supra business has, on any continent from North America all the way to OZ!

Our complete fuel systems are flow tested inside a genuine Supra fuel tank, through lines, through filter(s) through regulators and all the way to the rail, in a controlled test environment, with a fixed static pressure and then variable boost levels, and because of this we can calculate how much power you can make with any combination of injector or pump combo we offer, for both gasoline (fuel or petrol for our Aussie and UK mates) and E85. Fuel flow is measured at OUR fuel rail, not just pouring out of a pump into a bucket, in some guys back yard!

We have taken a fuel system out of a Supra and set-up a test rig. We know ALL the flow rates from every popular fuel pump and the new ones including the Bugatti Veyron, MangaFlow, Denso, Bosch, Walbro and many other pumps.

Out of this exhaustive testing and from years of Supra experience we bring to you the ultimate fuel system. Before we get a bit more into the details, I wanted to bring to your attention an absolute idiotic trend in the Supra community regarding fuel pumps or HOW MANY FUEL PUMPS, can I stuff inside a hanger and put them in the tank!

Think about this idiocy. You have $15,000 to $50,000 into your upgrades to make huge power and then you want to put three or four fuel pumps in your tank? Let me ask you, how do you know if pump 3 or pump 4 is not working properly? You don�t, so you trust yourself to three or four Walbro fuel pumps, or even 3 or 4 Denso�s (good pumps) and your CHA-CHING motor?

The goal should be REDUCING the number of fuel pumps in the tank, not increasing it. The first thing the professionals at did was eliminate the dual and triple basic Walbro pumps from the equation. Okay, they served the purpose and well, and are not a "bad" pump. They do still work okay for smaller power set-ups, but let�s get serious, they flow less than the stock pump at higher pressures, are less reliable and are louder when running. The Walbro Whine. In fact, we like Walbro, there are just better options. If you want to run Dual Walbro's in our Stage 1 Kit, no problem, just let us know.

We are now only using three different style pumps in our fuel systems. The genuine Bugatti Veyron fuel pump, genuine OEM Toyota Denso pump(s) and the MagnaFlow Single pump. We have tested all three pumps using a 1:1 FPR in our Supra fuel-test-fixture and the results are amazing.

The OEM Toyota Denso Dual pump system flows about as much as the single Veyron pump, but it does have some drop off at higher pressures, so we recommend it for our Stage 1 Fuel System for power up to 750hp (with safe range) on gas (petrol). If you want to run E85 up to 750HP (Stage 1), we will supply you with a single Veyron pump. We do not offer and do NOT recommend a triple or quad pump combination of any kind.

Veyron Fuel Pump (single pump) flow tested in our system, can support 994hp at 35psi of boost on gas and 762hp on E85. If you never run more than 30psi, then it will support 1022hp and 784hp respectively. This is all running at the standard 13.8V at the fuel pump. This is enough power support for most every single turbo kit we sell for gas. Benefit is huge, one pump, easy to diagnose.

If one pump fails you know it and any EMS can shut the car down, BEFORE it is too late. Now it gets even more interesting when we run a Kenne Bell (KB) Boost-a-Pump, which I have personally run for years on boosted cars. This system allows the fuel pumps to be run at up to 17.5V, which radically increases pump performance, while operating well inside all fuel pump manufacturers 24V limit. This forms the foundation of our Stage 2 fuel system.

With the Kenne Bell (KB) system at 17.5V running at 35psi we can now support 1202hp at 35psi and 1274hp at 30psi all on a single pump that is rated to run at 24V! E85 goes up to 922hp at 35psi and 977hp at 30psi. We have flow rates at boost levels up to 45psi and can go to 75psi if you are insane. Stage 2 E85 will be a combination of the Veyron pump and the KB (boost-a-pump).

The last of our pumps we offer for in-tank systems is the MagnaFuel single pump MONSTER! This is the ultimate single pump fuel system ever. At 35psi on gas and running at the stock 13.8 volts from the Supra system, it will support 1512HP at the wheels on gas (petrol)! At 30psi, this is 1576hp!! On E85 this is 1159hp and 1209hp respectively. This is the foundation for Stage 3 (1250hp), Stage 4 (1500hp) and Stage 5 (1900hp) on both gas (petrol) and E85. With KB system and the MagnaFuel single pump, the system will flow enough power at 35psi for 1905hp and 1460hp for E85.

This is a lot of information to process, so we break down all of our fuel systems into Stage 1-5, so based upon how much power you want to make, which fuel you will run (Gas/Petrol or E85), we will provide a complete kit with the right sized injectors. All stages with KB notation include the amazing Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump controller.

Stage 4 1500HP (Gas) MagnaFuel Pump 1600cc Injectors - E85 2400cc MagnaFuel Pump KB Combo

Our injectors are all flow tested and matched in groups of six injectors. We use SMP/Bosch/Siemens injectors up to Stage 4 and only run Injector Dynamics (ID) for Stage 5. Injector Dynamics (ID) are available as an upgrade on Stages 4 for $400 extra. ID injectors have different flow rates, but we match these to the correct Stage number based upon type of fuel used (gas or E85)

This kit is fully pre-assembled, so you drop in the complete billet hanger assembly, either single Veyron Pump, MagnaFuel or dual Denso's, already pre-wired, pre-hung, pre-fabricated with submersible and fully E85 compatible components from the beginning to the end. Once you have the old fuel hanger assembly out of your Supra, you do not have to transfer over parts, wire connectors, zip tie pumps, use a hose clamps to hold pumps, you simply drop-in the 100% pre-assembled package and you are done. Done!

Mark, how long does it take to get the in-tank portion prepped and installed? How about 3 minutes! Take out the original in-tank unit, drop in the new, close it up and connect the harness, ground and fuel lines, which of course are pre-cut, pre-assembled.

The Aeroquip teflon fuel line length is so precise, that it finishes at the billet fuel filter, with a stainless steel filter element (provided of course) location, which of course is exactly where the factory filter is located, so you just remove the factory, install the new and then run the lines to the Y-fitting up near the rail, which of course the rail is pre-wired, pre-plumbed and has the injectors already fully fitted into the beautiful dual feed, center return billet rail.

If you order the optional lower intake plenum, then you will get the kit with the rail already attached, injectors already installed and if you are good, you can install the entire fuel system in less than 2 hours from beginning to the end. We can do it in 60 minutes!!!

Wiring harness? Plug-n-Play, pre-wired, less than 0.01 volts drop all the way from the battery to the fuel pumps, where it plugs into the 6-way sealed connector. All you do is plug it in and just give it battery and you are done! Toyota Supra Fuel System - Plug n' Play

I know you might be wondering "how can they compete with the others that have been around for so long?" the answer is quite simply "Ambition". has a vision of providing turn key fuel kits that require very little assembly and comes 100% complete and makes it happen for the global Supra market. Live outside the USA? Of course, we ship this kit all over the world, simply select international shipping from the drop down menu and done deal. Canada? Of course. our second largest market outside of the USA, we hook you up with a great shipping price with NO customs duties, none, period.

If you look at many other name-brand kits out there you will see that their kits DONT HAVE A HANGER for the twin pump kits, which they charge $400 a piece plus for!!

Most of the other manufacturers actually zip tie or tell you to use a hose clamp to secure the pumps to the hangar. Are you kidding me? Hose clamp, zip tie, to the OEM hangar?

Huh? We provide a new billet hanger all loaded and ready to roll.

Here we go again. EVERY fuel kit comes with a complete billet hanger, fully built and ready to drop in. The in tank hangar has the fuel level sensor for the oem gauge as well. For fuel delivery we adapt a AN -10 port to feed the twin -8 inlet rail, -6 return to the regulator and back to the tank.

ALL hoses are hydraulic pressed Aeroquips (not with a set of vise-grips in someones garage) with -AN fittings so you will never have a leak or a potentially deadly accident installing the fuel system. When we say we are "Ambitious" we mean it.

To further push the fact this comes fully built, you can even select to have the injectors installed in the rail and mounted on the lower plenum, all shipped directly to you. If you want to send back your old lower plenum we will credit you back 100 dollars if you selected one with your order. So lets recap!! No more hype Mark (even though it is incredible), what is the bottom line?

You get a BETTER BUILT 100% COMPLETE FUEL SYSTEM FOR MUCH LESS. Nothing else is required for install.

Your kit will include: (as pictured, plenum is optional)

Single or Twin pump billet hanger with fuel level sender(-10 feed/-6 return) and either one or two pumps (depending upon Stage)installed, plumbed and wired.

Wiring harness, which is s Plug and play 6-way sealed electrical system, simply run a wire to your battery and plug in to existing harness.

Six (6) fuel injectors, which are precision flow matched and tested to +/- 1% fuel accuracy. If you want the state-of-the-art, hi-impedance Injector Dynamics (ID) injectors, simply select it from the drop down menu.

Dual -8 feed rail with -6 return. Billet aluminum, hard anodized black. logo.

Aeroquip Teflon fuel lines, precut with the fittings installed, ready for use.

Fuel Pressure Regulator 1:1 Boost Rate

Billet Fuel Filter w/ stainless steel element

All required hardware and accessories, ready to install.

Please plan ahead on ordering, as our Bullseye Turbo Kits are built to order, so please plan on 3 weeks on the build cycle.