BPU™ Supra Kit 1993 to 2002 2JZGTE

BPU™ Supra Kit 1993 to 2002 2JZGTE
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BPU™ Supra Kit 1993 to 2002 2JZGTE
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* Written Originally in 1999 - We are Leaving This Up for Historical Smiles *

So what is in the kit and how much does it cost? Easy.

1. SS Downpipe 2. Suprastore 3" dia. stainless steel catback System 3. Boost Cut Controller 4. AEM Tru-Boost Electronic Boost Controller

Please select either right hand drive or left hand drive car as the downpipes are different.

Detailed instructions are provided on a 2JZGTE specific install for the boost controller and Boost Cut Controller. You will be able to run more boost with our instructions as they are researched to the n-th degree.

APPLICATION: 1993 to 1998 Supra Twin Turbo

Some have asked, what type of 1/4 mile ET and Trap Speeds should be expected. Trap Speed is the easiest indicator of true hp, with ET being much more driver dependent because the times are heavily changed by a good "launch". With this kit installed properly your car should run from 111-118mph in the 1/4 mile. If you can launch your car to a 1.8 60 ft. time, you may well be in the 11's on drag radials.

What if I want to change to a different exhaust or boost controller or add other parts (air intake, turbo timer, etc.)? Good question. We have put together the BPU kit as a reference to what basic components you need to make the horsepower. There are no cost savings by purchasing the kit versus buying individual parts, so you can just put together your own BPU™ kit by purchasing parts and assembling your own package.

I have heard of BPU™+ and BPU™++, what is the difference? Answer: The first "+" comes with the addition of cam gears which can give you anoher 20hp. The second "+" in BPU™++ constitutes an "underdrive-pulley" which can give you another 5-7hp. These items can be added to your shopping cart by simply selecting them under the "engine" section of the website.

There are over 1200 cars with the BPU™ and BPU™++ kits installed to date. Because of various differences in the condition and testing methods the actual crank hp numbers vary from 450-500hp. Nevertheless, where in the world can you get this type of horsepower for this modest of an investment? No where but at www.suprastore.com!!

What about automatic twin turbo Supra, can I get the same performance? With an automatic you get about 5-7% less power to the wheels simply because the auto tranny robs some power, other than that your auto will be a beast.

The automatic transmission has been proven to 500hp, so there are no tranny upgrades required to run this kit. We would suggest a torque converter upgrade for this lightning hard launches though!

Question: My car is completely stock, are there any other modifications or preparations I need for my car before going BPU™? Mike - San Jose, CA

Answer: Great question Mike! Before modifying any car you need to make sure all the basics are in good working condition. Higher mileage (>90,000 miles) may not respond quite as well as lower mileage cars, but that should not stop higher mileage owners from getting big power. Remember the average gain from a stock twin turbo Supra to a BPU™ Supra is approximately 130hp!!! Typically, as long as the car has been maintained well, then there are no particular items one must address prior to going BPU™. If you have a 6 speed car, then upgrading the clutch may be required in the near future (especially if you have alot of miles on your current clutch) with the added power.

We do suggest changing the spark plugs and gapping them to .032" when you are BPU™ (helps minimize any high boost missing). A good quality copper or Iridium plug is a solid investment (we sell them both). Make sure you are using a good quality synthetic engine oil and high quality oil filters (Toyota, Mobil 1) are favorites in the Supra community).

What is the effect of this kit upon fuel economy? Your basic fuel economy will be relatively un-changed. Unless of course you are constantly using all that NEW power from our kit. At which time the fuel economy will drop in proportion to how much power you use. Standard daily driving there will be a very mild change at most.

Good luck and if you need to speak to someone who understands Supra's feel free to call us at your convenience.